At least 15 dead, dozens wounded in alleged IDF shelling of UN school in Gaza
Elior Levy, News Agencies
Published: 24.07.14, 18:10
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1. The UN will condemn this like the Anti-Semitism in Europe
YMBMY ,   Modiin, Israel   (07.24.14)
Oh wait, I don't think we heard any condemnation of Anti-Semitism in Europe by the UN.....
2. Raed Mukhaimer: facebook
Disgusting words or not, the other posters are right. According to International Law, the fact that Hamas stationed its troops in a school does not prevent Israel from attacking the school. All it does is make Hamas responsible for any dead civilians at the school. Thus, Mr. Cortez is right in that according to International Law, Hamas murdered 15 people. By the way, what do you think about Sisi killing a Palestinian freedom fighter planning to attack the Zionists?
3. People of Gaza: READ THIS
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (07.24.14)
Hamas have just announced thay are prepared to continue this war for months YET Have they asked you? Do they know or care that the MAJORITY of Gazans want Hamas to STOP And if Hamas WONT STOP the people of Gaza WILL Thats why the trickle of Hamas Fighters who are surrendering WILLINGLY is growing into a flood And with every surrender comes the vital information about Arms Dumps, Rocket Dumps, Tunnels and most vital Hamas Command and Control and their underground hideouts and gold and cash stores If Hamas are not willing to end this quickly Hamas Fighters whos loyalty is GAZA FIRST will
4. Hamas butchers like Assad
Ashley ,   London   (07.24.14)
... just a different technique... Kol hakavod to Tsahal - keep going!!
5. The Fog of War!
Eli Bodie ,   USA   (07.24.14)
If this was a school full of Israeli children, these godless savages' would be dancing in the street, while the UN stood back with their arms folded, and feigning righteous indignation. A little advice for the Terrorists and the UN: stop using people, schools, hospitals and such...and, UN quit helping these animals hide their weapons! To the IDF: keep rolling...kill every terrorist you find, irregardless of their hiding places. THIS IS WAR!!! The very survival of Israel...and, the Western world hangs in the what Israel does or doesn't do. My country should be sending troops to help Israel; our Air Force should help Israel's IAF take-out Iran's nuclear sites. But, because of our Muslim president, Israel is going to have to act alone; however, they're not alone...for Hashem fights for them! God bless! May the IDF have a swift victory! Christian Zionist
6. Let's return to Gaza. Gaza is our home
Emuna ,   Jerusalem   (07.24.14)
It is time for Jews to return to Gaza and settle. This is G-d's plan. He promised this land to the Jewish people. Either we do it now or face more problems from the Arabs.
7. Refugee safe zones
Alex   (07.24.14)
Hamas should allow the international community to establish refugee safe zone. Those zones will be established in Gaza and fully controlled by international troops. Hamas people, weapons and rockets will not be allowed in those zones. Only women, children and old men can be allowed there.
8. UN and hamas responsible
ali   (07.24.14)
rocket were stored in un schools and UN knowingly handed them to hamas operatives. Fire on idf came from un schools. Hamas more than likely fired on arabs in UN schools to create a libel on israel. If israel did fire, then hamas and UN responsbible. UN may be more responsible than anyone for this incident
9. Israel should consider a 48hr temp humanitarian truce
Israel should consider making it unilateral of necessary and not respond unless exceptional circumstances (Hamas unlikely to halt fire) as many of not all of the military targets have been met and Hamas just makes gains as the causalities continue to mount. A respite for civilians for 48 hours at this time might be a good idea.
10. To: Facebook Raed Mukhaimer
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.24.14)
What do you do at the University of Manchester? Clean the toilets? You're too old to be a student, and you are clearly not faculty -- faculty would know that in stockpiling missiles in schools, Hamas has turned those schools into legitimate military targets. You can weep, wail and wring your hands all you want. A legitimate military target is a legitimate military target. Israel has made it quite clear that its chief purpose is to destroy Hamas' weapons and to destroy Hamas' tunnels. Schools are used by Hamas to cache weapons. Too bad about the collateral damage, but the responsibility accrues exclusively to Hamas. It also makes Hamas guilty of crimes against humanity. You may not like it, chico, but the school was used to cache missiles. It doesn't matter if there had been one death, one hundred deaths, or one thousand deaths. Israel is going after the missiles, as it has stated all along. Stop playing the "dead baby" card. No one in the civilized world believes that tripe any more.
11. This will teach UNRWA to stop sheltering Arab terrorists
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.24.14)
12. When I recently did Jihad in Syria,was hiding in schools too
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.24.14)
13. If Ban Ki Moon was still wondering
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (07.24.14)
Wether Israel is committing war crime and crime against humanity well now the answer is clear
14. Support for Israel from the US
Texana ,   Dallas, Texas   (07.24.14)
Some of the mainstream media, such as CNN, are very quick to blame the IDF for the rocket fire, but that is not at all clear. The IDF avoids hitting UN facilities. The IDF had been warning residents out of that area for days, so the IDF is not to blame. Hamas which hides among civilians is at fault. What I don't understand is why some of the media sources like Sky News and CNN are discrediting Israel at every chance, and ignoring the efforts being made to avoid harm to civilians. The reporting is all pro-Hamas and anti-Israel, but there is US support in Israel. Let me add my voice to that support.
15. #9 No Israel should set up a Tent City outside Gaza
meir elazar   (07.24.14)
Israel should explore removing Gazas from harms way. This means setting up a tent city outside of Gaza and allowing the people passage. Food, medicine etc could be given directly to the people who need it instead of it being stolen by HAMS and used to support their terrorist efforts. Doctors could expand the field hospital. Removing the human shield from Gaza and supplying the real needy with the humanitarian aid can start a process to build peace bridges, diminish collateral damage, and remove HAMAS's propaganda weapon. Gazans would most likely tell the world the real truth about HAMAS.
16. Let's assume its true that Hamas fired from hospital
Raed ,   Jerusalem   (07.24.14)
Now, let's imagine another scenario in which a hamas fighter manages to infiltrate Hadassah hospital and fire rockets from there. Will the IDF dare to bomb any INCH of the hospital ? The answer is no because there are Israeli civilians in there. Palestinian civilians don't matter right ? When a Palestinian commits a despicable act against a civilian, I condemn it and I don't try to justify it, something the Israelis cannot possibly do when their army commits atrocities against Gaza's civilians especially the innocent children. More than 100 children have been killed, yet the Israeli public wants the operation to continue to "halt the rocket attacks' instead of demanding its right wing extremist government to end the occupation and stop the settlement expansion..
17. "adledge" who says jews lack a sense of humour.
No lie is too big   (07.24.14)
18. #13, I am wondering if you are really in Haifa, not in Mecca
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (07.24.14)
19. #13 well said
Now even Ban Ki Moon knows that the answer is NO. The only people who think Israel is committing war crimes are people with subnormal IQs
20. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (07.25.14)
Correct. Thank you. Hamas' cowardly and deadliest ploy -- when all else fails, kill your own children, and then cry about it. It's called the "dead baby ploy," and no one's buying it this time. Hamas needs to be completely destroyed -- all terrorist elements in Gaza need to be completely liquidated. Israel can help build something better for the Arab people in its place.
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