Poll: 90% of Israeli Jews believe Gaza operation is justified
Published: 29.07.14, 15:52
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1. Its not only Israeli jews
Oliver ,   Eilat   (07.29.14)
Its not only Israeli jews that support the fight against Hamas but also non Jewish residants.
les ,   canada   (07.29.14)
it must be extended to the "west bank" part if israel, and to the fifth column, undermining israel from with in.
3. If true, then surely we don't deserve to have a country!
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.29.14)
4. 1
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.29.14)
Thank you for speaking up, Oliver.
5. If we don't expect it, then we don't demand it, if so
tom ,   tel aviv   (07.29.14)
we'll get what we truly deserve!
6. demonstrations
avi ,   haifa/israel   (07.29.14)
on saturday 4000 or 5000 israelis protested in Tel Aviv against the war. they used their democratic right. today! 20 gazans protestet .... and were executed by hammas. that's the difference tom.
7. Poll and possible solution to tunnels issue.
J. Schachter ,   Toronto Canada   (07.29.14)
Have read in the last twenty-four hours about the difficulty in destroying the tunnels eminating from Aza. How difficult would it be to pump large quantities of water from the nearby Med into the tunnel entrances. If the digging was done through soft soil as I've been led to believe, water at a reasonable volume would do what C-4 can't.
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