IDF: Cement used by Hamas for tunnels could build 100 kindergartens
Omri Efarim
Published: 30.07.14, 20:21
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1. Destroying all the tunnels? Hardly.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (07.30.14)
It seems to me that exploding huge amounts of coloured gas is the only thing that can expose all the branches. The gas will have to rise out of the other openings or vents.
2. This general's drunk the looney Kool-Aid
Jhan   (07.30.14)
Thinks that destroying empty tunnels and empty buildings while leaving 1.7 million terrorists alive is a significant victory. You can't fix stupid.
3. operational goals
milson   (07.31.14)
israel has some good generals and soldiersd. But they have some lousy member s of of their security committee ie livni, lapid, erdgan, bibi. Livni and lapid know nothing about securtiy and are responsible for this lsow unsurprising operation. Bibi is not the most daring ex idf soldier, erdan is mostly gutless. That leaves bogie, ahronovitch, bennett and lieberman. theyare all OK with bogie the key and he has gone along with bibi. The plan should have been a lightening attack, retake philadelphi slamming hamas from the rear, multipoint commando raids, using shelters for staging areas to protect troops, using local gazans, slamming builidngs bfore entering or using remote vehicles to enter first. Speed is key rather than a 23 day cnn expose of idf killling gazans without content.
4. Tunnels
Luis Gabriel Fuks ,   Sao Paulo - Brazil   (07.31.14)
How come did Hamas built all this fantastic tunnel infrastructure under Israel nose?
5. Freedom has no price maj. General. You should Know that!!!
Why ?   (07.31.14)
6. Expect Better Results From You
John ,   Ottawa   (07.31.14)
Instead of blaming the soldiers that died, you should blame yourself, Maj. Gen. Sami Turgeman. Why were such junior soldiers sitting at the end of an opening to a Hamas terror tunnel? Why wasn't the threat from this tunnel addressed earlier? It is always easy for higher up commanders to deflect the blame for your mistakes with words.
7. IDF
EF Barasch ,   Elk Grove USA   (07.30.14)
The effectiveness of the IDF can be measured by one thing: can Hamas sill launch missile attacks. If they still can, the IDF had not finished the job.
8. Shalom Maj. Gen. Turgeman
DvorahTheProphetess ,   SC, USA   (07.30.14)
Building hospitals, clinics, schools, and kindergartens requires BRAIN-WORK and COMPASSION for one's own people. Islamic jihadists of all ilk: Hamas-Tali-Hezzbo-AlQ: thrive on pure hatred and immorality. They are sub - human. Kol HaKavod, Sir. G-d Bless the IDF/IAF: Desert Lions and Lionesses of Judah!
9. tunnels.......geophys???
andrew bucknall ,   uk   (07.31.14)
Maybe Im being very naive, but isnt it possible to use ground penetrating radar all along the border to identify where the tunnels are underground, open them up and then send remote controlled vehicles laden with explosives to the tunnels origin to blow it up?????
10. General Tal Russo
Isabella1709 ,   Tampa USA   (08.02.14)
Russo, The former commander of SC was skilled in commanding IDF special forces and I can't help but wonder that he would have been better at this war. Had the PM listened to either he or even his predecessor as they conducted actions in Gaza and advised going further in these tunnels would not have been able to be built.
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