Hamas attacks during ceasfire; 50 dead in Gaza
Yoav Zitun, Elior Levy
Published: 01.08.14, 15:16
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1. Certified liar
alfredo ,   Philippines   (08.01.14)
What can you expect with the terrorist, they dont even rspect with their own declared ceasefire..
2. So, who broke the ceasefire?
Mo ,   Gaza, Palestine   (08.01.14)
Even Ynet claiming that "at 10:03" rockets were fired, and "at 10:55" Hamas fired more, but that "at 10:00am" Israel's tanks shelled Rafah. Can someone tell Ynet that 10:00 comes before 10:03 and even moreso before 10:55 and therefore the title of the article needs to be changed, thanks.
3. Heard about it straight away
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (08.01.14)
The Balestinian Bullshitters' Camp-followers,aka BBC,reported that Israel had broken the ceasefire. . . . - THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
4. Well, you've taken the Gaza bull by the horns
Cameron ,   USA   (08.01.14)
We shall see what comes of it.
5. Get Deif
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.01.14)
Past his Sell by Date, the marginilised brainless blood lusting psychopath is ready to be chucked into the Dustbin of History And Gaza will not shed a tear
6. Surprise! Surprise!
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.01.14)
Obama, Kerry and the UN are once again the laughingstock of the world. Keep up your good work Obama, Kerry and Ban.
7. Massive death toll in Rafah, eh?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.01.14)
Perhaps Hamas should not have broken the cease-fire. Navi Pillay will be very angry. Let's invite her to come to Gaza and witness things, up close and personal.
8. Children as victims
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (08.01.14)
The Jornal of Palestine Studies, summer 2012 issue includes an article by Nicholas Pelham which discusses the tunnels being built in Gaza. Hamas mentions inter alia that 160 Gazan children had died in the tunnels by the end of 2011. How could this be going on publibly with the UN responsible for Gazan children?
9. Typical blindness
James USA   (08.01.14)
Lt Goldin conducts operations in Gaza. He invades with the intent of murdering Hazan's, but jews don't see this as a violent of the truce. Different morals or applied differently, based on religion. Or is it the believe goyim is untermenschen.
10. If this keeps up
Big bad Jew   (08.01.14)
the pals of Gaza will be the Hamas monument to the dead.
11. Co-opting Qatar, Turkey, Iran, ISIS, to do Hamas's bidding
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.01.14)
12. Told ya'all. I knew it. Ceasefire only smoke screen.
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.01.14)
13. the fire bombing of Dresden should be our example...
it is time to blast these sons of bitches to kingdom come!
14. Break in Ceasefire - Its NOT what you think
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (08.01.14)
Why is it when Haniyeh and Mashaal authorise a Ceasefire it is almost always broken WITHIN HOURS So whats happening Its a case of the Hamas Military Wing under Deif who have gone out of control Deif has said in no uncertain terms that only he can stop and start short he has taken over Hamas by force and it is reported with Zahar in full support With Haniyeh and Mashaal now impotent and undermined by Dief at every turn they STILL want to show 'unity' to the world whilst Dief makes them dance to his tune Things are so bad and getting worse. Dief is now on some sort of personal crusade and obsession to search and execute all 186 (and counting) 'traitors' and for desertion AND He has plans in place should ANY permanent cease fire be agreed to assassinate BOTH Haniyeh and Mashaal and install the twisted brain Zahar as the new Hamas Figurehead Far fetched? No Insane? Yes
15. It's the MIDDLE EAST
Alex   (08.01.14)
Kerry and Berry should just stop asking for cease fires. This is like the 11th try and Hamas broke EVERY one of them. Why Israel gets blamed I DON'T know. Look around at the region: 1) Lebanon has been without a president for many months now, because the Lebanese just can't agree on anything and who know when they will start throwing rockets at each other again. 2) Syria has had a civil war for 3.5 years that has so far killed so many people to the extent that the UN has even decided to STOP COUNTING. 3) Iraq is disintegrating into chaos and an ISLAMIC CALIPHATE has been established, and ISIS is making contacts with Jordanian extremists and smuggling weapons into the country, waiting for the right moment to overthrow the monarchy. 4) Egypt has had 2 military coups in the last 3 years and they are fighting armed Muslim brotherhood followers thoroughout the country, the weapons being smuggled from LIBYA, a country that itself has just had an ISLAMIC state declared in BENGHAZI. 5) Saudi Arabia still doesn't allow their women to drive and have been heavily funding some of those extremists militants. 6) Qatar broadcasts aljazeera (enough said) 7) Iran is still working on the nuclear bomb as the negotiations are going no where. So MR. KERRY, please do not preach down at Israel like you know how the hell this place called the MIDDLE EAST works. Allow Israel to work as it sees fit to defend its people, it's democracy, and it's liberty because you know deep down inside that any Arab leader would have by now ERASED Gaza from the map, if they did to them what they do to Israel. At least Israel decided to do a ground operation and not carpet bomb the place and kill everyone, which is what any of your Arab leader friends would have done had they been in Israel's shoes.
16. Leftist state media, NRK, reported today ...
Beary White ,   Norway   (08.01.14)
..Palestinian children ran out on the beaches for bathing/swimming, but had to back off due to Israeli starting shelling/fireing, apparently because of answering on hamas fire.. Then, a false picture was written in the heads of the Norwegian state radio-listeners this morning,, This is the way leftist state media twists the news from ME. When the first Israeli soldier was killed, the Norwegian state media told; he was giving candies to soldiers when he was hit...
17. 8 UN and children
CJK   (08.01.14)
the un is a slave to the muslims.
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