Dubai police chief lashes out at Hamas
Roi Kais
Published: 03.08.14, 23:52
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1. if all Arab Nations resign from UN it will be a better place
Son of Cyrus ,   uk   (08.04.14)
2. The UN should be investigated...
Roxanne ,   Haifa   (08.04.14)
for war crimes.
3. Arabs exhibit 'selective outrage'...
sifter   (08.04.14)
their 'heroes' launching random rockets against soft civilian targets, or tunneling under civilian community kindergartens for terror attacks, or detonating pizza parlors. Nope, no Arab outrage for this. 'Selective Outrage'
4. Investigate UN
Hanxks ,   PNG   (08.04.14)
UN is an corrupt organisation and thefore should be investigated for bribery.
5. Go it Alone
ik ,   USA   (08.04.14)
Khalfan says "all Arab states must resign from the UN." if they don't get their way. Who then, would pay for all their camps and rocket arsenal schools? without the UNRWA?
6. I like the last sentence...
William ,   Israel   (08.04.14)
"all Arab states must resign from the UN." Let's just jump to that, shall we? Then the organization can become more balanced and productive.
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