Schabas to Ynet: I'm not anti-Israel
Benjamin Tobias
Published: 13.08.14, 18:29
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1. Middlesex University
Shimon ,   London   (08.13.14)
This is not in fact a real University it is a Polytechnic like college for drop outs that fail their grades and cannot get into a real university. To say he is a lecturer form Middlesex University in the UK sounds kinda ridiculous! It is a third rate place to study. My cousin went there after failing all of his A-levels and not getting into a real university!
2. Prof. William Schabas : take note -
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.13.14)
1. This should be called the Israel / Gaza probe. You should also investigate damage on Israel's side, take note of trauma suffered by many from a month of rocket rain and sight-see the rockets that were collected from this rain. 2. I personally recommend that Israel ignores you and the UN righteous hypocrites.
3. A chicken that says it is a tiger is still a chicken
Someone ,   USA   (08.13.14)
So he claims to not be what? If you do not condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization than your stand is clear...Saying you are not Anti-israeli does not change that.
4. Yes he is anti Israel
steve from raleigh   (08.13.14)
He SAYS he is. He's simply forgot there's an internet to remind us.
5. Israel should not comply
k ,   US   (08.13.14)
I can pretty much guarantee he is going to find Israel guilty, it is the only reason why he was appointed
6. What foolishness
Expert ,   USA   (08.13.14)
Imagine an armed robber breaks into my home and points a gun at my family, and luckily I shoot him dead. I testify that I killed in self-defense. The court says that breaking and entering is not within our jurisdiction. Therefore, they find me guilty of premeditated murder. Is this fellow for real?
7. Sick joke
danLondon ,   London   (08.13.14)
I am sitting at my desk scarcely able to believe this guys comments. How the hell can he say that Hamas rocket fire isn't part of the remit because he can only look at things that happened within the occupied territories. Am I a bit stupid in thinking that Hamas rocket fire was launched from civilian areas WITHIN Gaza?? Ordinarily I would say Israel should cooperate (and I disagreed with not copperateing with Goldstone); however, this one is a done deal and they shouldn't speak to the guy again
8. Funny,he never named any Hamas/Hez "leaders to b tried
Alan ,   SA   (08.13.14)
Of course, his remarks were "taken out of context"
9. Further Discredits UN
Ed ,   USA   (08.13.14)
The UN continues its long standing tradition of appointing investigators who have not only made up their minds but announced their conclusions in advance. Schabas is unlikely to be swayed by evidence. It's really a shame that he and Ban Ki Moon are discrediting the UN at a time when the organization could be doing some good in the world.
10. I will be impartial
mat ,   uk   (08.13.14)
by saying this himself he sounds like he is admitting that he is biased and saying he wanted to see Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stand trial at the ICC what does that say he was chosen to be against Israel
11. May I propse George Galloway and Mel Gibson for the enquiry
Alan ,   SA   (08.13.14)
12. Israel attacked and defends. Israel on trial. No words to de
Adi ,   Israel   (08.13.14)
Israel attacked and defends. Israel on trial. No words to describe this insanity. Then aftervhis history of hate talk incitement, there are words. I will be impartial.!. Is he scitzophrenic
13. that promise is like hamas promising to be pacifists
zionist forever   (08.13.14)
14. Schabas who? We'll accept Dershowitz.
Rube Vogel ,   Jerusalem   (08.13.14)
Why not offer the job to someone with a little integrity like Alan Dershowitz?
15. Do Not Trust or Give Him Benefit of Doubt
Dina   (08.13.14)
16. of course schabas is anti-israeli
CJK   (08.13.14)
his statements about peres and netanyahu prove it beyond doubt. he would not have been appointed by unhrc were he not anti-israeli.
17. Schabas is an Antisemite and a CROOK !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (08.13.14)
18. He's already lying!
Jerome ,   Basalt, colorado   (08.13.14)
19. Lets not foget that missles were in UN schools!
Human ,   earthj   (08.13.14)
And instead of getting rid of them or telling Israel, they actually told the TERORISTS to come and get them! THIS makes the UN a party to harming Israelis! they should be held accountable!!!
20. Can he be skitzophtenic. Hate talk one day and impartial the
Adi ,   Zurich   (08.13.14)
Can he be skitzophtenic. Hate talk one day and impartial the next.
21. Don't participate
Yisroel   (08.14.14)
Israel shouldn't participate even if they appoint somebody who is pro Israel. The idea that Israel gets investigated while other countries committing real massacres are not is in itself anti-Semitic and biased.
22. Israel would claim God Almighty is an antiSemite
lydia ,   Brisbane   (08.14.14)
Prof. Shabas shouldn't give in to Israel hysteria and remember that Goldstone was also vilified and castigated for his report on Cast Lead. Israel has nowhere to hide its 60Y of criminal activities against the hapless Palestinians whose only crime is that Israel covet Palestinian land
23. lydia-Fatima would claim Allah is Islamophobic killing Shiat
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.14.14)
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