London supermarket empties kosher food shelves amid fears of anti-Israel protests
Published: 18.08.14, 11:44
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Mike Carmel ,   Tel Aviv   (08.18.14)
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (08.18.14)
Should we boycott halal food because of AL QUEDA, ISIS and even Assad? Muslims are just not getting any smarter. They sink deeper and deeper into 12th century. England will have a an Islamic government very soon. It would be nice to see them bending over 5 times a day.
3. Things are not safe in Londonistan
Moshe ,   London, UK   (08.18.14)
Alas, this sort of antisemitic activity is now commonplace in London where authorities turn a blind eye to the trampling of Jewish rights. No store would *dare* to remove Halal products under any circumstances. UK Police refuse to take action over even the most obvious discrimination or attacks against Jews even when they happing in public places in front of police officers - many years ago official inquiries did brand UK police as institutionally racist and it seems nothing is changed. It is frightening to see how similar London has become to 1930's Germany with people complaining about Jews making a fuss and branding us child killers and 'protestors' being allowed to carry banners with the most hate filled antisemitc slogans without any action being taken against them. The blind eye official support of hatred of Jews is all I need to know it is time to leave with my family before we are murdered. Many friends have already arranged aliyah because it is too dangerous to stay and I'm next.
4. I love walking each and every day...Last Friday
Al   (08.18.14)
as I was walking down Park Avenue on my way to downtown Montreal, I noticed a giant Palestinian Flag painted on the roof line of a building. It was very prominently displayed for all to see. I decided then and there that my life in Montreal has come to an end. As I have said time and time again, Jewish life in the galut is temporary at best. I hope to be outta here within a year, 18 months at most. Montreal Quebec is stewing in a cesspool of an Arab invasion.
5. Removing Kosher Food Alternative
Rafi ,   Merkaz, Israel   (08.18.14)
Isn't removing kosher food "collective punishment" by keeping ALL people from purchasing something they might want to buy? Instead of removing the Kosher food, why not keep out the violent protesters?
human ,   world   (08.18.14)
As a result of this act, it will cause even greater loss to this store and any other that does this! It will endanger the entire country to allow Moslem extreemests to control society!!!
7. #1 they are victims
Remember that anyone who called to stop the sale of Halal products in response to the murder of Lee Rigby, the 7/7/05 bombing, the 6/30/07 attack in Glasgow or even the ISIS genocide was attacked as a racist and was investigated by UK police. Sainsbury has no choice: if they sell to Jews, they will be attacked and the police can not and will not protect them. Do not boycott, they are victims just like the Jews. The only difference is that the Jews can escape to Israel, the English have nowhere to go.
8. Sainsbury's
Non-Jew ,   England   (08.18.14)
Qatar currently owns ~26% of Sainsbury's, and is now angling for a full takeover (Google it, if you don't believe). Qatar is also Hamas' major source of funding (you can Google that too). I already boycott Sainsbury's for this reason.
9. I THINK that Sainsbury is 25% owned by Qatar
Alan ,   SA   (08.18.14)
10. above
moishe   (08.18.14)
Jews should target stores carrying Halal food! then it too will be removed. Jews should boycott stores that remove kosher foods. tit for tat!
11. Good news
Raphael ,   Netanya   (08.18.14)
For small kosher groceries
12. Veshavu Vanim
Nachman ,   Ma'ale Adumim   (08.18.14)
Do not cry Rachel your sons are returning!
13. Arab Terrorism in the UK
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (08.18.14)
This is the definition of terrorism - when someone acts out of fear and threat, they are terrorized. The Brits, and the rest of Europe, under beginning to feel what Arab terrorism really is. Let's see if they buckle under or stand up to these terrorists.
14. The Mighty English- HA! Bunch of Cowards
Dina   (08.18.14)
15. #7 they have to stand up and fight
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem   (08.18.14)
So what is there to do? Just lie down and accept terrorism? They have to fight back. Make new laws that make it a felony to do those things. Europe will be ruined in the next few years if they don't fight back now. Just the fact that they feel the need to do this proves who we are fighting against. It is so simple I do not understand why the entire civilized world does not say enough is enough and rid the world of this cancer once and for all.
16. Are they also take halal food off the shelves
Avi L.   (08.18.14)
Will they also take halal food off the shelves when the next islamic bombing will happen? Because it's just a matter of time. Will there also be crowds shouting "kill the muslim"? I do not advocate anything of the kind, just rising a question in order to underline the size of the beast lurking around
17. theft and vandalism are legal in the UK if against Jews
bernard ross   (08.18.14)
18. Do I detect cowardism?
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (08.18.14)
19. I guess the 40th are too far back for Europe to remember.
Alex ,   New York, US   (08.18.14)
20. Apologies
serge ,   antwerp, Belgium   (08.18.14)
They apologize for any inconvenience caused. They should apologize for racist behaviour.
21. Israeli products
nadav ,   tlv   (08.18.14)
They shouldn't remove any Israeli products either! that would be equally as racist and anti-semitic? The UK is NOT Nazi Germany!
22. Eurabia is here!
23. Qatar and Sainsbury's
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (08.18.14)
The biggest shareholder in Sainsbury's is Qatar !!! who own about 25%. I buy in Sainsbury's and use their kosher section. Even the kosher wine and grape juice is from the USA, not Israel. Most kosher products are made in England. I don't recall any Israeli groceries. The final irony is that Muslims know that most kosher products are also Halal.
24. How Ironic.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY US   (08.18.14)
In NYC, many Muslims shop the Kosher stores, as they trust Kashruth more than their Hallal counterparts. In any case, European Jews should be thinking of arming themselves and getting the hell out of Dodge!
25. All jews are israelis first.
26. 7 English police is strong and hates..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.18.14)
27. Try and say to the shop manager
Avi L.   (08.19.14)
Try and say to the shop manager that following this shameful episode you won't buy anymore from them. Boycott them back
28. They should get rid of cash registers too w/Zionist software
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (08.19.14)
29. It is better to serve Elohim than to appease terrorists and
Rivkah   (08.19.14)
lawless hoodlums. Serving Elohim includes providing kosher food since that is safer for people to eat than other foods from a spiritual standpoint. May the businesses that turned on Elohim by taking out His food choices be cursed by that. May those stores that kept the kosher items be blessed by Elohim because that shows they love Elohim.
30. Ask Sainsbury when they will stop selling
Avi L.   (08.19.14)
Ask Sainsbury when they will stop selling non-halal food, when their female employees will wear a burqa, when they will enforce sharia in the neighborhood.
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