Hamas: This was not the last campaign to liberate Palestine
Elior Levy
Published: 28.08.14, 20:37
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1. Mashal,what a hero!
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (08.28.14)
50 days of warfare and not a hair out of place. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
2. big words from a little man living in a Qatar villa not Gaza
zionist forever   (08.28.14)
3. If Israel was doing less than 1/3 of what hitler
and we know that by 'LIBERATION' these pali liars really mean the total destruction of Israel and its millions of Jewish people.
5. Next time he will singing the swan ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (08.28.14)
6. Okay Mashaal but only if you join in the fun
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (08.28.14)
so that Israel can get to you, too. Enough with the 5-star hotel - give a little war effort and show yourself to the Gazans that are giving up their lives for you.
7. No political leader could be so stupid
Mark ,   London, UK   (08.28.14)
This cannot be a true reflection of what this man said! No politician would be so stupid to ask his donors to rebuild Gaza so Hamas can start another war and get it all blown up again. As for opening the Egyptian border. I don't think so.
8. To: Facebook Aym Asf
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (08.28.14)
Yeah, we know you've been pillaging and killing Jews for 66 years. We also know that savage beasts such as yourself are addicted to violence. While you are cavorting about with dripping jaws, however, you might want to keep in mind that Israel can drop a nuclear device on you pretty much at will. That will keep you from indulging your bloodthirsty lust. Keep mouthing off, why don't you? And whatever in the world will you do when Israel annexes Judea and Samaria and kicks your sorry asses to Gaza? You need to consider that, too, you craven hyena.
9. They....
LJH ,   Canada   (08.28.14)
They leveled gaza and destroyed most of our infrastructure and we...... oh, scratch that.
10. Hard to believe
Hamas proudly stated that they kidnapped and butchered the three Jewish boys, and that they started the war by launching rockets. Now Hamas proudly states that as soon as they rearm they will attack Israel again. Despite this, Obama and Europe are competing to see who is more pro-Hamas. You couldn't make it up.
11. Mr bro'hood
John ,   Boise, Idaho USA   (08.28.14)
Nice pictures of the ruins in angle is just right and the photo is nice and clear.... just a friendly reminder of Israel's might and strength that God has given them....better hope the next bullet doesn't have your name on it. Have a nice day in your new tunnel, happy shopping and by the way, don't come out too often.
12. sickening, not just nazis
marv   (08.28.14)
the nazis were primarily responsible for the killign of 6 million jews. But the jews did themselves no favours with their historic pacificism. YOu see it now in the conduct of bibi and his gov't. Bibi now hands over border crossings to committe of 3, israel, abbas and serry of the UN. What an idiot. Bibi did not go for the throat and ran for ceasefires more than hamas. Rockets were still flying and instead of massive assasinations, he did pinpricks and never took the philadelphi route. So who does israel looks to---lapid??? who agrees with latest ceasfire but also disagrees with it. herzog, whose party gave us 2000 dead and wounded from oslo and now offers to repeat this in the west bank. You could not gett a weaker man than herzog. oh, the new wonder kahlon.. Face facts, israeli leaders from top to bottom are screwed up. Bibi should be dumped right now, he is a born coward.Half of likud are cowards,. Lapid, peri and german are dunces. Livni is olmert's twin.
13. Total defeat of "Palestinians" only path to peace.
Chaim ,   Israel   (08.28.14)
The WW II Allies knew that Germany and Japan had to be totally defeated for enduring peace in Europe. The same is true of "Palestinian" poseurs, who seek to mass murder Jews and steal our sole tiny Homeland. Israel must resoundingly defeat "Palestinians" and send them packing once and for all. That is the only true path to peace.
14. Not the last battle
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (08.28.14)
The next battle is to come and quite soon. Palestine will be entirely liberated, Zionism will fall and be extirpated as a doctrine, and Jerusalem will be free in Muslim-Christian rule.
15. Translation of Marshall's words to I reality
Jerome ,   Basalt, co   (08.28.14)
Mashal isn't done creativing misery and destruction on his people and on Israel! He will only be satisfied when everyone is suffering and most are dead!
16. "The resistance is holy, and its weapons are holy."
weirdkidinthecorner ,   Seattle, USA   (08.29.14)
The existence is oily, and it beckons our Stoly.
17. to 14
Jennie ,   ISrael/US   (08.29.14)
How dandy is it for you, graczek... Hate to brake it to you, but according to factual history (of which you have no clue about) , Israel will win "this" and any other battle, with grace, dignity and poise.. All you need to do, is to be careful of what you wish for...Remember, that until there are Jewish People & the sovereign State od Israel, the Christians will be safe...
18. Battle?
airbn51st ,   Colombia   (08.29.14)
That was all that Hamas could muster? If that's it, then Israel has nothing to worry about. Hamas was more like a 2 year old throwing a temper tantrum that finally shut up after being made to stand in the corner by it's daddy (Israel). The Pals got shellacked (again). They know it, and no amount of Arab peacocking is going to change that fact. And Graczek, if that's all you and your Pally buddies can bring to the table, then Israel is going to be sitting pretty for a long, long time.
19. Thanks to our hairdo PM
Avi L.   (08.29.14)
Thanks to our hairdo PM
20. the resistance is hole y, wholly
Jo King   (08.29.14)
As long as Muslims are murdering Muslims....
21. donors
mighty mouse ,   usa   (08.29.14)
"WE will rebuild" sure with the money you have begged the world for. Not sure why any nation would give you anything anymore. It is time the US stopped and time the EU stopped. Why exactly should any hamas salaries be paid by foreign countries
22. "The resistance knows what it wants,"
A ,   Belgium   (08.29.14)
said Mashaal as he pinched a little boys bottom whilst working out in his Qatari gym.
23. Go play with your moslem ISIS friends, polak,
A ,   Belgium   (08.29.14)
they would love to string a holy roller like you upside down from a tree with your junk stuffed in your mouth.
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