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Israeli girl scores victory over BDS movement
Itamar Eichner
Published: 06.09.14, 10:22
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1. Great news!
Pat Eoin Kelly ,   Cork, ireland   (09.06.14)
I love Israel and I love Cruachan!!!
2. Well Done, another success
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (09.06.14)
Well done to Shelly. There are many successes against BDS, and it's not in the final case always so difficult , because the BDS movement does not have the huge support it claims to have. It's a movement which sees itself as following the sanctions campaign against SA. But it does not have huge grassroots support outside the obvious far left Islamophobia fascist alliance. An alliance that does not appeal or attract the mass of the UK public. We can expect the UK trade union movement to approve more BDS actions at its AGM. But the Trade Union movement now has 50 less members than 15 years ago. A dying movement, is not a threat to modern, dynamic Israel.
3. They play Metal, what do you expect: intellectual giants?
4. Kim Jong Un might convince these metal heads too
After all, a fan is a fan.
5. #3 you are a coward & a negative jerk!
Dina   (09.07.14)
6. Rock on Shelly!!!
Gady ,   Mexico City   (09.07.14)
7. Kudos to Shelley! Keep it up!
Dina   (09.07.14)
8. #5:I must've banged my head one too many,give me Dio anytime
9. #3, Only intellectual giant like yourself ...
blog2038 ,   usa   (09.19.14)
... would ever try to connect hobby/occupation with intellectual giant-ness. BTW, iGiant, what you do for a living.
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