Arab Israeli IS supporters: 'They are the solution'
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 08.09.14, 00:31
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1. Slaughter, huh?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.08.14)
So Moslems being infidels in the Jewish State of Israel, does that mean that we have a perfect right to slaughter nonbelievers? You know, the Moslems. The Christians. Is that what the Arabs in Israel mean to suggest? That slaughter is the only way to rid ourselves of the infidels? That is what they said. Infidels must die. Well -- guess who are the infidels in the Jewish State of Israel. Craven beasts, these Moslems. We really need to rid ourselves of the infidel. Hey -- they put their imprimatur on that, right? So, let's go slaughter ourselves some infidels. Subhuman animals is what they are. Fortunately for them, the Jews are a higher order of humanity. We'll let those beasts live. But not necessarily in the Jewish State of Israel. We really need to send their Arab asses packing. Iraq is as good a place as any.
2. Facebook Patti
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (09.08.14)
Shut the fuck up, can't you? How DARE you lecture the State of Israel on what to do with murderous infidel Arabs. Can we send them to your home town? Please? Where you will promptly be enslaved, beaten, raped and then -- once they're done with you -- killed. So, where do you live? I'm sure that Am Israel would love to send the Moslem infidels to your home town. Give. Where do you live, chica? Got boatloads of the people you're championing ready to infest your neighborhood. Well -- it is what you are suggesting. What say we ask you to put your body where your mouth is? Hmm?
3. for the arabs IS are romantic
zionist forever   (09.08.14)
The arabs in Israel are a minority in a Jewish state then they get fed the usual BS day after day about the poor old palestinians who were licked out by the big bad zionists and so IS seems romantic. These guys speak for them and they are fighters, they want to drive the infidels out of Muslim lands create a caliphate so they think yeh if they can take hold in Israel maybe they will empower us and we can finally be masters of this land not the Jews. Its the grass is always greener on the other side logic
4. They are right. ISIS is Islam and Islam is ISIS.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.08.14)
5. OK, so this is Islam
Dan   (09.08.14)
The world will accept that IS represents Islam, if that is what Muslims tell us. We must then act accordingly to rid the world of such a monstrous religion, or at least evict all its adherents from our lands.
6. IS the solution for palestinians
nico Belillos ,   italy   (09.08.14)
cannot understand how you can encourage and divulge the promotion of IS by a part of arabs who want the jews to convert to islam and eliminat
7. It is for us too.
Moshe the Genuine   (09.08.14)
We will be soon enough able to kick you all out of our land.
8. islam
ben Ish   (09.08.14)
Muslims and Arabs should understand that they are also the victims of Islam. If you are Shia, a Sunni will behead you. If you are Sunni, a Shia will behead you. All Muslims should understand this, and convert to Judaism. Take down your black flag of death, or your red/white/green flag of hatred. Accept that you are protected in Israel by JEWS, unlike the rest of the Muslim and Arab world. That you can make money in a prosperous nation, unlike the poor nations that spend their money on war and killing foriegners and natives alike. Abandon the greedy warlords who pretend to be clerics, who lie to you and promise glory but give you only death. Israel protects its own, perhaps you should join the obvious winning side.
9. Always will be Fanatics Outliers
Zechariah   (09.08.14)
In Sociieties even the Best expect the Masses and Elites to Hold Extreme View the Percentage Varying with circumstances .Only Human Rights Security Democratic Views are Acceptable .No Arab or Jew or International with Ultra Extreme Views oh Genocide Can Have a Legitimate Role Post Shoah.
10. World assigning too much importance to this epidemic
barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (09.08.14)
All of these ISIS members are delusional and losers in their previous life, or they were fighters in previous armies and cannot cope with real life. What we (world powers) need to do is stamp out the cockroaches.
11. Pity the human
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (09.08.14)
that thinks it will be rewarded for disobeying God's law: thou shalt not kill. God will not be mocked there will be a reaping for every human that preaches killing.
12. Israel should encourage arabs living in Israel
A ,   Belgium   (09.08.14)
and support IS to join their "brothers" in Syria and Iraq in their battle against the infidels, and immediatly revoke their Israeli citizenship. Assuming they survived, they would no longer be allowed to enter Israel. Imams, politicians and others who openly support IS should have their Israeli citizenship revoked while being allowed a limited amount of time to leave the country. Israel must take steps necessary to prevent this latest form of islamic insanity from taking root and to destroy it while it is still possible.
13. No 12 citizenship revoked
Europe and the us should revoke citizenship to any non Israeli Jewish citizen who supports a Jewish state too
14. ISIS must be outlawed everywhere
CJK   (09.08.14)
laws must be passed declaring isis an enemy terror organization. laws must make it illegal to belong to this organization or to provide support of any kind to this organization or any of its branches. laws must make it illegal to fight for this organization or any like organisations. violation of these laws must be harsh, including substantial prison sentences and revocations of passports.
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