Four officers injured in Temple Mount clashes
Elior Levy
Published: 08.10.14, 10:17
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1. This insanity has to stop. ENOUGH of the MUSLIM APARTHEID...
Eliza ,   Israel   (10.08.14)
Close the Temple Mount to Muslims on the Jewish Holy Days and Festivals and give us the right to pray there every other day.
2. Evict, and take Waqf to court.
roxanne ,   haifa   (10.08.14)
They don't have the right to do anything they want.
3. Kill their kids steal their houses&you think they will smile
miki ,   tampa   (10.08.14)
+120 fully laden olive trees destroyed yesterday by Jewish terrorists. Get your heads out of the sand.
4. Till, one day, they will burn down their own mosque from
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.08.14)
their stupidity and stubbornness.
5. Those arrested should be deported to Gaza
Bob   (10.08.14)
Enough on this
6. Use live fire
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.08.14)
And don't aim for their legs. That's a waste of perfectly good ammunition. Kill these terrorists. See if that doesn't take some wind out of their sails. Absence of Israeli action merely emboldens them. Some well-placed bullets will make them think twice.
7. What a fine example of humanity
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (10.08.14)
who think that violence against other humans is worsipful of the Creator of humanity. Thanks be to you Father God that you aren't like us humans and that you did not create us humans to fight and kill each other. Thank you for the opportunity to fellowship with you in peace knowing that you alone are worthy, and sovereign not humans.
8. So, when's the Third Temple scheduled to be built?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (10.08.14)
Hope and pray to the G-d for israel it come soon. Best move is to rid Israel of all the pals on Israel's holiest site. ( and all of Israel while your at it) They can't respect their own Mosque why expect them to act humanly in any way? Filthy pal terrorists beasts. KEEP BUILDING!!!
9. religious freedom has responsibilities
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (10.08.14)
To give the Muslims freedom to go on Har HaBayit is wonderful if they behave in a responsible manner. If they can not insure responsible behavior they should be banned for a short time to instil into them a realization that not every action is permitted in a democracy under the heading of 'religious freedom'.
10. easy solution
Remove Wakf from Temple Mount, out in under exclusive Israeli administration. Allow true freedom of religion for Jews, Christians and Arabs according to High Court decisions (that government and Left now ignore). If Jordan complains, withdraw all anti-ISIS support.
11. Incitement during prayers
lemmings hotline ,   sd usa   (10.08.14)
If the imams are radicalizing the crowd, they need to be arrested. Remember Mohamedans, the Jews can't build their temple until the prophet tells them to build, so there is no need to get yourselves all worked up over nothing.
12. #8 what's your hurry
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (10.08.14)
The jews don't know exactly what to build. They don't know where to build it. There is no need to build it, since it would be immediately destroyed, since the jews haven't repented enough for "Sinat Chinam" (indiscriminate hatred). Psalm 127 verse 1 1Except Hashem build the "house", they that build it labor in vain;
13. Law and Order!
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (10.08.14)
Safety of Israeli citizen must be guaranteed by all means. Law and order must be restored. Lock them up in their holy mosque and let them deface it. Use live bullets if necessary.
14. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.08.14)
You are such a moron. Care to tell me how strangers can enter an Arab village, head straight for the olive groves, and start operating chain saws without so much as a single dog barking? Tell you how. The dogs knew the perpetrators -- Arabs destroying their own property because the ersatz "palestinians" cannot stand being off page one of the international press for so much as a single second. And they don't seem to mind destroying their own olive groves, or defacing their own mosques and desecrating their own cemeteries, to achieve it. They really are something short of human -- just like you. No wonder you defend them so passionately. You identify with their violence and terror. Hmm. Perhaps Homeland Security ought to have a quick look into you ....
15. #6 Dear Sarahleh, you have such a way with words
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (10.08.14)
It just warms the cockles of my heart. חג שמח
16. Thank the High Court for forcing Israel to open Gaza borders
Oma   (10.08.14)
to allow "moderates" in to Israel for their new madeup Eid holiday.
17. Really??
Kat ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (10.09.14)
It's not the settlers and the Jewish students that stormed the mosque with the protection of the police which attempted to remove the worshipers to replace them? LIARS
18. to number 14
Kat ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (10.09.14)
If you knew what you were talking about you would know that PALESTINIANS DO NOT HAVE DOGS. If there were dogs it was ISRAELI SETTLER DOGS. You are defending terrorist illegal colonizers, and behaving like beasts does not make you civilized you know. Olives are the source of livelihood of the Palestinians WHY WOULD THEY UPROOT THEM?? DO you even hear how ridiculous you all are?? There is an expression for people who make up a lie and believe it in the end you know.
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