US: Israel must play role in rebuilding Gaza
Published: 09.10.14, 08:46
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1. Yes,but first we must complete the destruction of "old" Gaza
then and only then can anyone begin to think about "reconstruction". While we're at the subject: the mental state of Muslims must be reconstructed as well. From a Jihado-fascist, bloodthirsty, primitive, Neanderthal-like world view into a more humane one; something more like late 18th Century to begin with. But that's just a dream, just a dream.....
2. As long as ISIS and Hamas are there, no Israelis entering .
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.09.14)
3. lets remember how many childreen israel killed in gaza
atilla karagözoğlu   (10.09.14)
4. america is true vampire BUT STUPID.
atilla karagözoğlu   (10.09.14)
5. one day, lets hope america down and world terror finishes.
atilla karagözoğlu   (10.09.14)
6. president obama ! WHAT A BIG WHITE BALLON
atilla karagözoğlu   (10.09.14)
7. Israel owes nothing to the terror enemy territory Gaza
CJK   (10.09.14)
all those who encouraged the lunatic hamas terror group to fire thousands of missiles into the sovereign jewish state of israel should contribute to this reconstruction.
8. What Kerry was saying is what People of Gaza are saying
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.09.14)
That the idea that Gaza can continue to isolate itself from Egypt and Israel based on Mashaals sick ideology and arrogance and make any progress economically is farcical The only reason for the self imposed isolation was for Mashaal to maintain his total grip on the Tunnel Economy that has made him a Billionaire The People of Gaza WANT to see open cooperation with the PA Egypt Israel and Jordan going forward at all levels..Economic, Security, Tourism, Cultural Going back to the Status Quo Ante is absolutely out of the question
9. Attila, let's remember
CJK   (10.09.14)
turkey and qatar have in particular encouraged the hamas terrorists to fire thousands of missiles into israel. your erdogan had a cat fight with al-sisi because he would not kneel before the islamist terror group the muslim brotherhood. of course your erdogan is a brother which is why he supports hamas.
10. The only thing Israel owes Gaza ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.09.14)
... is ten thousand missiles and ten thousand mortars. Fired at their civilian population centers. Jen Psaki is a moron. And she stinks. Every time she opens her mouth, her flatulence just rolls on out. No wonder no one can stand to be in the same room as that foul-smelling idiot. But, speaking of rebuilding -- is the United States going to rebuild Afghanistan? How about Iraq? They haven't, to date. Why not lead by example, Psycho Psaki?
11. US: Israel must play role in rebuilding Gaza
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (10.09.14)
No We don't!!! What we need is to make sure that no duel propose items are allowed into Gaza, that cement is used to rebuild homes, and not tunnels. The State Dept, is made up of whack a doodle people, in some ways more so than the EU
12. atilla- CJK is right. You are wrong on all counts.
solomon ,   bklyn   (10.09.14)
13. @ #6 ATTILA
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (10.09.14)
Do not worry! Your beloved IS, soon, will be visiting your towns. You can tell them in person about terrorism. Let's also remember how many Armenians and Kurds Turkey has killed so far. I'm sure they all have kids and families as well. It is time you taste the medicine ERDO has cooked for all of you.
14. To Jen Psaki
Devorah   (10.09.14)
It appears that your Department of State cannot account for billions of dollars in grants for foreign projects as reported by your Government Accounting Office. It said that there has not been sufficient risk assessment and that this has been going on since 2008 (Wow, what a coincidence!). So, tell us, Jen. How much of that money was slipped to Gaza in addition to the UNRWA funding it already receives from you?
15. Israel should not be part of this .
Jo   (10.09.14)
The Palestinians choose this war path and will again, if the Europeans want to fund this war machine then they do so but it is not wise. Helping with essential humanitarian needs is basic building an enemy state that will engage in waring again, is not the way to go.
16. To: Sammy at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (10.09.14)
Then wouldn't you say that the best thing going forward is for Israel to resume control of Gaza? Before Hamas completely destroyed their lives, the ordinary people of Gaza enjoyed very lucrative jobs in Israel and untrammeled access to Israeli medical care, shops, and those all important jobs. Then came Hamas -- with terrorist kidnappings, terror tunnels, missiles, mortars and suicide bombers. Israel would need to be in total control of the border crossings, of course, and would oversee what goes in and what does not go in to the Strip. Gaza would give up any claim to sovereignty -- the ersatz "palestinians" are not sufficiently politically mature to run a government -- no matter where they are, corruption, graft and terror becomes a way of life. Hamas needs to be destroyed, from the roots up, as do all the terrorist elements in Gaza. The only other option is for Israel to annex Judea and Samaria, send its illegal and unwanted Arab squatters to Gaza, seal Gaza hermetically (we have a willing -- even eager -- partner in al Sisi) and watch as the ersatz "palestinians" do what they do best -- kill one another. Not all people are capable of self-government. The ersatz "palestinians" fall into that category. Israel can help, but it must be on our terms -- no terrorists in the Strip; everything under Israeli control. Ask the average West Bank or Gazan Arab how they like living under ersatz "palestinian" rule. The honest ones will admit that things were far, far better under Israeli control. Those are the only options, and the ersatz "palestinians" are not in a position to argue. Think of it as a modern-day de-Nazification process. A lot of Germans came around; a lot of Germans were deemed unsuitable and quietly disappeared into the abyss. The terrorists are present-day Nazis; Israel should not, and need not, tolerate their presence. So those are the choices -- status quo (Hamas) or status quo ante (Israel). It's not that difficult a choice. The t
17. Hell no
Desertstraw ,   USA   (10.09.14)
Let all the countries that aided Hamas pay for the damage that Hamas wrought.
18. GO TO HELL!!!!!! US State Department
Cameron   (10.09.14)
19. Maybe USA should rebuild ISIS and Al Qaida?
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (10.09.14)
That's the equivalence of Obama's demand that Israel should rebuild Gaza. It's like asking Britain, France, Poland and USSR to rebuild Nazi Germany. What Israel really should do is to destroy every single breathing organism in Gaza and among the Arab settler communities in Judea and Samaria and expel them from our ancient Jewish homeland. EU will boycott Israel? I Think not since most multi-national high Tech companies rely heavily on Israeli science and high Tech - for practical reasons you cannot separate Israeli technology from the modern 21st Century society - that would require a huge world wide boycott of most high Tech companies in the World - even if they aren't Israeli. Europe's relevance is shrinking and diminishing anyway, so anti-Semitism or not, Europe gets demographically and economically less relevant every year while Asia only grows in importance every year. Anti-Semitsm or not, Israel hatred or not, for practical reasons, Israel still has to make its foreign trade shift from Europe to Asia. What Europeans Think or want become less relevant each and every year.
20. #3-6 Let's hear your brave words when IS enters Turkey
A ,   Belgium   (10.09.14)
and your dictator Erdogan begs for help from the U.S.,NATO and possibly Israel too, before IS uses his, and your, empty heads as footballs.
21. above
moishe   (10.09.14)
stop dreaming Obama. like paying salary of your executioner. Israel must insist US guarantee no military build up of Hamas. that is more realistic. ME is a real mess and going to get worse. thanks to Pax America. and the genius people who created this mess. Obama must put boots on the ground to clean up the garbage created. that is a more realistic agenda than to reconstruct shitty Gaza....once again.
22. Not a Penny to Sweet throwing Killers !
Roland ,   london England   (10.09.14)
23. Annex Gaza and help "Palestinians" leave.
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.09.14)
The only permanent solution is for Israel to annex Gaza and help "Palestinians" leave forever. The only reason Israel suffers Gaza rockets, terror and wars is because of our mad retreat from Gaza. Enough is enough! Pull the plug on evil Fictional Palestine.
24. plus funds should go to repairs in israel or nothing allowed
ralph   (10.09.14)
25. #21 moishe
AARON ,   MONTREAL,PQ   (10.09.14)
What good is a guarantee, everybody guarantees and nobody follows up on them. The arab countries guarantee financial help to these stinky pali beggars for years and not a cent was ever seen. These beggars were smuggling in millions of dollars IN SUITCASES through the tunnels,where did the money go to? brast solution is BOMB THE SHITHOLE TO THE GROUND AND MOVE ALL THE TERRORISTS TO JORDAN WHERE THEY BELONG.
26. Give Israel the bill for reconstruction
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.09.14)
If Israel had to pay for the wanton destruction of property and loss of lives in Palestine, perhaps they mightn't be in such a hurry next time to create havoc and murder of a people whose only crime is that Israel covet Palestinian land
27. 10 Dumbo! Israel owes HAMAS for the wanton destruction
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.09.14)
Bibi will be off to the ICC and the Palestinian restitution cost from your est Euro land thieves will dwarfs Germany's for Hitlers 5Y concentration camps
28. 15/16 Israel leaders will be hauled before the ICC
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.09.14)
Israel is like ISIS and exhibit not a drop of human kindness or morality to be found amongst mass murderers except ISIS uses a blade while Israel uses expensive gunships to drop cluster bombs wp and du on unarmed Palestinian civilians. What you are proposing with your long diatribe is tantamount to never ending Slavery! Off with YOUR head!
29. The coalition of the dummies have been arming ISIS
lydia ,   Brisbane   (10.09.14)
For 3years Assad has been fighting ISIS and if ISIS don't get what the dummies promised there will be hell to pay. Already witnessing signs of this!
30. What world expects, israel to overcharge
JRS   (10.09.14)
and take advantage. Maximum profit.
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