Abbas to visit Gaza Strip in coming weeks
The Media Line
Published: 13.10.14, 23:57
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1. President Mahmoud Absentia Abbas
ASTRONUT ,   USA   (10.14.14)
Odd headline, isn't it? Imagine headlines: "President Obama Plans To Visit The United States," or "Vladimir Putin Plans to Visit Russia," or, "David Cameron Plans to Visit Great Britian." Gaza "president" Abbas has been LIVING OUTSIDE his dominion for EIGHT YEARS – and "his people" are O.K. with this set-up? What a convenient reality.
2. Keep him there.
Roland ,   london England   (10.14.14)
3. The imaginary "president" of the imaginary "palestine" will
A ,   Belgium   (10.14.14)
never risk his cowardly @$$ by going to that OTHER part of "palestine".
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