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Kastner's killer: I would never have shot him today
Elad Zeret
Published: 29.10.14, 16:41
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1. Why regret?
Raphael ,   Netanya   (10.29.14)
Eckstein is not a hero, but I approve him, as Kastners role remains unclear. A man of power who was fooled by the Nazis to sell out thousands of Hungarian Jews to Wisliceny and Eichmann, so as to save his own family and retain a bit of power. He should have executed him before his misdeeds. Exactly as present jewish collaborators should be dealt with in the same matter as Hamas deals with his own collaborators.
2. Zionist Kastner was a collaborator with the Germans sending
Nothing to apologize   (10.29.14)
1/2 million Jews to their deaths and deserved to be killed. The Zionist should rather repent for the murder of the innocent Dr. Yakov Dehan.
3. Pall ,...
split ,   US   (10.29.14)
you were a pawn in Kastner handlers cover the trail game, he knew too much and could spill the beans ,...
4. Alain Bobbe @ FB ,...
split ,   US   (10.29.14)
For details on Kastner's deal with Eichmann google 'Rudolf Vrba'.
5. 1957 Hunt exNazis Still Time
Zechariah   (10.30.14)
Kastner deserved life imprisonment never to be released but Eichmann Mengele and Treblinka camp commander Frantz Stangl escaped to South America helped by Peron and elements in the Vatican the well named RatLines.To Chile escaped Walter Rauff who invented the Death Trucks that gassed hundreds of thousands .Thousands of Nazis escaped including Sadistic SS doctors who performed Horrific Medical Experiments.A Blot on the Jewish People that they escaped.
6. Given extreme likelihood of Kastner corroboration with fasci
Miron ,   USA   (10.30.14)
fascist German institutions, directly profiting from mass extermination campaign of Jewish people, it's absolutely extraordinary that he was never prosecuted and instead English speaking press is focusing on prosecuting in press of his assassin. It's hard to figure out the logic behind this intervention, in clearly hostile manner to memory of millions of murdered Jewish people, by people who portend to be of human rights and value of life. Instead acting as ideological enforcement arm of regime that guards, above all, neither rights nor dignity of people but it's sole proprietorship over right to kill and get away with it.
7. The Darwinian branch of Zionists hated
Willet Sambron ,   Norway   (10.30.14)
Galut jews because they were termed unevolved and supported the European Nazis to purify the Fittest Jews (Zionists) in JudenRat functions.
8. Murder is the one crime that is least likely to be repeated.
Rivkah   (10.30.14)
So he is probably correct in his assessment that he would not murder again if he had that opportunity to relive his past. Ex US President Jimmy Carter trusted convicted murderers to work at the Georgia Governor's mansion and a black woman murderer cared for his daughter Amy, such was his trust of those who erred greatly and killed with remorse at what they did. The sentences are long and few have a chance to earn a pardon as some have who worked for Governor Carter or a former Mississippi Governor who pardoned the murderers who worked at the Governor's mansion as prisoners and proved to him they were reformed and worthy of pardons.
9. Eckstein's a murderer, pure & simple; certainly no hero.
Rafi ,   US   (11.08.14)
He committed needless violence to the new Jewish state's institutions of justice... by arrogantly taking upon himself the role of judge & jury.. He has earned himself a place in the gallery of infamy, along with Yigal Amir. (Ynet: this is my 4th attempt to post on this article... why aren't you allowing my posts to appear?)
10. Victims accusing other victims!
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (11.09.14)
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