Swedish FM to Lieberman: I'd be happy to send you IKEA flat pack
Published: 30.10.14, 23:37
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G-d will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel. Even the dumb swedes ought to be capable of understanding this eternal and SIMPLE truth.
Yo , Sweden ; aint no Garden of Eden ; Da swede been smokin' too much weed with their greed ; Their future is dead ; with each new baby named Muhammed ; They have no idea ; like the crap at IKEA ; so have no fear ; They can pine for " Palestine" ; but they will fail ; all to no avail . My aching hear will bleed ; for the forgotten swede .
33. Sweden's actions not surprising
Shep ,   Memphis, TN - USA   (10.31.14)
Europe's false sense of moral supremacy is at the core of Sweden's meddling in Israel's conflict with the Pals. It is sad, but not surprising - and entirely inconsequential.
34. Most Israelis LOVE IKEA
Ehud   (10.31.14)
We Israelis are against boycotts (and right so), so what's this nonsense about boycotting Volvo? Incidentally, the BDS movement calls for a boycott of Volvo as its electronic traffic security system is made in Israel. Lieberman's cheap jab using the great business model of IKEA as a theme is an attempt to cover his lack of professionalism. Had he tried to foster a better relationship in a milder manner and tone, he could have proactively prevented this move by the new Swedish government. But he is busy scoring cheap points with his constituency rather than leading Israel's diplomatic service in a quiet, responsible and effective way. He definitely needs a manual (maybe 'Foreign Policy for Dummies')!
35. # 2- Sweden should invite all the pals to 'come on down'
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (10.31.14)
and swill the vodka and draw straws as to see who rules whom. Watch Sweden descend into the bowels of hell, Islamic style, on your knees Swedish suckers. MORE BUILDING !!!
36. # 7 Michael Redboun
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (10.31.14)
That country is Israel and it's already owned by the Jews. Seem the arabs can't stand the pals either their considered 'trailer trash.' This time, their right. KEEP BUILDING !!!
37. Stick it up her ass. Stupid bit*h.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (10.31.14)
she can smile when the pains sets in those Muslim beheadings are hard to explain away.
38. Can't blame Sweden,most of the time it's in the DARK
Samuel ,   Israel   (10.31.14)
I always admired Sweden being a modern western European country. They always judge a book by it's cover. Wake up! Wake up! before your vast Arab citizens swallow your entire nation wholesale.
39. Ikea palestin
Maximo   (10.31.14)
Problem , Ikea furniture does not last long
40. Swedish foreign minister
David preiss ,   Beit Shemesh Israel   (10.31.14)
The Swedish foreign minister should read the manifesto of Hamas the biography of Abbas and his time studying the holocaust and she will realise that our neighbours are not like Norway and Denmark.Hate and destruction of the Jewish state are part of their credo.Maybe she will volunteer to protect us with her brave Swedish soldiers wyho faught so bravely in the2nd World War And whose government supplied the Nazis with their steel to make theirarmaments.Yes minister you certainly can teach the Jewish nation about morality!!
41. Swedish thinking on ME is just like IKEA furniture....
Truth Hertz ,   UK   (10.31.14)
It has an essential part missing!
42. Unrealistic expectations
Israel has unrealistic expectations too, such as that it will continue to have control over all of Jerusalem.
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