US top court to hear Jerusalem passport case
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 02.11.14, 20:04
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1. Born in Jerusalem, Israel
Harold ,   USA   (11.02.14)
I don't believe the top court can decide that Jerusalem is the Capital of Israel when the whole world and even the United Nations say no. Just waste of time for a case that cannot be solved.
2. Guatemala, El Salvador do ...
split   (11.02.14)
... other countries don't ,... The remaining (242) 99.3% of total countries shouldn't be described as "most countries" ,...
3. LOL Funny, obama knows how to insult Israel's PM
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.02.14)
but never the pals.. We now whose side Muslims obama's on. Speaking of "Chicken Shit" obama's middle name. BUILD MORE HURT obama MORE !!!
4. All of Jerusalem was annexed in 1967.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (11.02.14)
No one can tell Israel NOT to own Jerusalem she fought for it, won it and it's hers alone. THIRD TEMPLE"S COMING BABY!!!
5. Does not make sense
Roman F ,   bellingham US   (11.02.14)
This article, nor the reasoning behind the Administration's refusal does not make sense. For one, listing Jerusalem Israel as the birthplace does not make Israel the capital of Israel, Al it does - it, states that Jerusalem is part of Israel,. Second, since it does not specify East Jerusalem in particular, there should not be any dispute. Even the Arabs only want East Jerusalem as part of their state, not the whole city
6. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the State of Israel
CJK   (11.02.14)
israel alone can determine which city is her capital.
7. 2 you do not understand
CJK   (11.02.14)
the sole determination that the court will make is whether a us citizen can list jerusalem, israel as his place of birth. the determination that ierusalem is the capital of israel is made by the state of israel.
8. Israel is a sovereign nation
Golani ,   Vineland, USA   (11.02.14)
Israel is a sovereign nation that was recognized by the UN. Israel is a country. It seems so odd that countries are telling Israel that their capital is not recognized as their capital. Israel gets to decide that. People are born in Israeli hospitals in Jerusalem. How can the US or any other nation say that is not an Israeli birth?
9. 6. 'Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the State of Israel'
split   (11.02.14)
Who said so ? ,...
10. #9
Harold ,   USA   (11.02.14)
A dummy and an idiot
11. #9,#10 you know that term 'zionists' you anti-israelis like
to use when you refuse to say Israel's name? Guess what Zion is.
12. #9 As anything you say is flatulance from a porcine
A ,   Belgium   (11.03.14)
backside, it really doesn't matter who said so, because it IS so, polak.
13. To: Roman at No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.03.14)
My children were all born in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the capital city of the State of Israel. The only issue before the United States Supreme Court is whether or not the United States has the right to determine whether or not Jerusalem is the capital city of the State of Israel, or if that right, indeed, accrues exclusively to the State of Israel. The issue has nothing to do with Arab aspirations or anything else. Jerusalem is the capital city of the State of Israel. Jerusalem does not belong to any other state, people or terrorist group. My children were all born in Jerusalem, capital city of the State of Israel. The determination as to whether Jerusalem is the capital city of the State of Israel does not belong to any other state save the State of Israel to decide. Would any country dare to declare that Barcelona is the capital city of Spain? The Catalan people believe it is. Jerusalem is the capital city of the State of Israel. Whether the United States Supreme Court thinks it is or not. It's Israel's decision. No one else's.
14. What did passports of Americans born in 48-67 Jerusalem say?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (11.03.14)
I assume children of Americans resident in eastern Jerusalem between 1948 and 1967, when that territory was under Jordanian rule (recognized only by Pakistan). What did *their* US passports list as birthplace? Did it say "Jerusalem, Jordan"? The fact is that the US, including this administration has published many references to "Jerusalem, Israel", and no one paid mind to it until it was brought to the attention of the Obama White House, at which point they began a scrubbing that would have done the old Soviet historic rewriters proud.
15. @9 who said so? Facts on the ground say so.
jrebecca ,   Modiin   (11.03.14)
16. Deciding US Policy
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (11.03.14)
The case is about who gets to decide US policy and conduct US foreign policy. After WWII, the US and USSR and the rest of the world, including Israel decided that there is no longer a right of conquest. The treaties have no "except Israel" clause or "except in a defensive war" clause. The treaties and US policy have been, since then end of WWII, that force of arms is no justification for acquisition of land. And that started with the same President that recognized Israel over Congressional and State Department bureaucratic objections in the first place. Israel is a sovereign country, but so is the US. And in the US system, foreign policy is the province of the Executive, not the legislative branch and not any foreign country. Israel does not get to decide US foreign policy, neither does Congress. Just because Israel conquered and occupied the place does not change US law and treaties the US signed (and wrote) which were ratified by the US Senate. In the US Constitution, treaties are part of the supreme law of the United States. Article VI is pretty clear. And since two thirds of Congress and three fourths of the states didn't vote to change the supremacy or to award Jerusalem, the US is not bound by a Knesset claim or declaration of sovereignty.
17. #10 "#9 A dummy and an idiot"
A ,   Belgium   (11.03.14)
Even though your observance of Polakniak is correct, bumpkin, you really shouldn't insult the one person who may be taking your ignorant posts seriously.
18. the inability of the U.S. to correctly and
erin ,   usa   (11.03.14)
judiciously administrate this situation is disgusting and a display of their internal lack of integrity. This is ridiculous to not recognize Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel even if east Jerusalem is claimed by Palestinians, however that works out in peace agreements. This is ridiculous that the American justice system can't solve this one small problem. Fix it.
19. 16
CJK   (11.03.14)
the case does not involve any treaties. the case involves the constitutionality of the law passed by congress with a huge majority which directs the secretary of state to list the birthplace of a person born in jerusalem, as jerusalem israel. such a law does not infringe on any president's rights to receive ambassadors, the only power enumerated by the constitution. the issue is not about foreign policy. but even if it were about foreign policy, there is nothing in the constitution which states that the president has exclusive power over foreign policy. indeed, congress has the power to confirm ambassadors, to confirm the secretary of state, to fund embassies. congress also confirms heads of cia, nia, joint chiefs, funds the military. indeed, foreign policy could not function without congress. (ps read the scotusblog to get an idea.)
20. My daughter was born in Sha'are Tzedek hospital,
A ,   Belgium   (11.03.14)
JERUSALEM, ISRAEL. Read it carefully, Polakniak and bumpkin Harold and anyone else who has any doubts, JERUSALEM, ISRAEL.
21. #13 Sarah B
Harold ,   USA   (11.03.14)
If your children were born in East Jerusalem then they were born in an occupied territory The whole world besides you and your followers don't want to listen to the world that East Jerusalem is not considered part of Israel. If you and your followers are right, then Japan can say Tel Aviv is part of Japan. Have your vitamins daily.
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