Jerusalem terrorist's son: 'I'm happy and proud'
Hassan Shalaan
Published: 05.11.14, 23:35
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1. Let's put an end to Al Aqsa violence
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (11.06.14)
Blow up that hideous eyesore and call it a day. Payback for the dynamiting by the Jordanians of the beautiful and ancient Hurva Synagogue, along with forty-six other synagogues.
2. If Arab families so proud of terrorists' death,
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.06.14)
martyr-ism, etc. - so give it to them. Let them all live it that great paradise above and not down here on the ground, killing innocent unarmed people. Though in my opinion, they are cowards. Can't face a one-on-one weaponed soldier.
3. As for excuse that Israel is desecrating al-Aqsa
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.06.14)
this is BS, as this excuse is a rather new one for just a few years. Never has this been such a hot issue before intifada period. Ideology and religious excuses are just fake excuses to kill Jews (and not all the time are they killing Jews).
4. He's damned right
Mark ,   London, UK   (11.06.14)
When the son says, "What's happening at al-Aqsa is something that no one can find acceptable." Unfortunately he implies Israel is at fault when we all know it is the Palestinians whose actions are totally unacceptable. Those who are IL citizens have rights, but those who choose to benefit from residency only need to be shipped out so they can tow the party line from the safety of Jordan Syria or any of those other places where free speech is precluded.
5. Terrorists and their ENTIRE family must be eliminated.
They're all terrorist and should not be spared. At best, they should be behind bars forever.
6. Ynet, I'm just curious:
Nick ,   Sweden   (11.06.14)
another deadly attack on an Israeli and another Ynet article elaborately describing the views, emotions and the sickening display of pleasure over the death of a Jew as well as the death of the perpetrator. Rubbing salt into the wound for most readers. On the other side, microscopic accounts of the horror and the sorrow of the victim's next-of-kin. Is it just me or is it Ynet with cross-wired priorities and values? Is this how news are made nowadays?
7. Extraordinary culture
Andy ,   Israel   (11.06.14)
Western/Jewish values are so far from this metality. Its is diffcult to fathom. That a father of five would volunteer to deliberately orphan his 5 children for the sake of randomly killing another human being- and they all party afterwards.
8. To #6 Nick
Ezra ,   Florida   (11.06.14)
No, it is not just you. Many times in the past I complained to Ynet about their articles, and they never had the courage to publish it, as I am sure they will do same now. Sometimes I think that they should change their name to Ypalnet.
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