Ibrahim al-Akari, the Hamas operative who committed the attack

Jerusalem terrorist's son: 'I'm happy and proud'

Family of Ibrahim al-Akari, who rammed his vehicle into a crowd of Israelis, praise his actions, claim he was inspired by al-Aqsa violence.

Unlike the previous attack, in which the relatives of the suspect denied any connection to terror, the family of Ibrahim al-Akari has shown no desire to claim that Wednesday's terrorist attack in Jerusalem was a mere traffic accident. To the contrary: they expressed pride in his heinous act.



In a conversation with Ynet, the terrorist's 16-year-old son, Hamza, said he looked up to his father's acts. "I'm proud of my father. I'm not sad that he died a martyr." The police agreed for the family to bury al-Akari at midnight in the presence of up to 35 people.



Mourning tent for attack's victims. (Photo: Muhammad Shinawi)
Mourning tent for attack's victims. (Photo: Muhammad Shinawi)


The terrorist's brother is Musa al-Akari, a prisoner released in the Shalit deal and deported to Turkey. He was a member of the Hamas cell that murdered border police officer Nissim Toledano in 1992.


Al-Akari, 38, a father of five from the Shuafat refugee camp, arrived at the Light Rail station in the afternoon and ran over anyone who crossed his path. He was shot to death by a border police team that was on site after he exited the vehicle and attempted to attack passersby. Hamas has taken responsibility for the attack.


Ibrhaim al-Akari, Hamas operative from Shuafat refugee camp
Ibrhaim al-Akari, Hamas operative from Shuafat refugee camp


Son Hamza added, "my last conversation with him was about school. He told me, 'be very attentive to school'. Today at school, a group of teachers called for me and asked me to go home. They told me that my family wanted me urgently. When I arrived home, I heard about the incident and was very happy. What's happening at al-Aqsa is something that no one can find acceptable."


The terrorist's wife tied his actions to the events on Wednesday morning at the Temple Mount, and said: "Starting in the morning, he followed what happened in Al-Aqsa and saw the blood, the wounded, the desecration and all that happened. He left home quickly and went to the site of the attack to crown himself among the martyrs and heroes."


Al-Akari's body at the scene. (Photo: AP)
Al-Akari's body at the scene. (Photo: AP)


Another brother, Dr. Mansour al-Akari, said: "The events at al-Aqsa Mosque hurt us all. It is not we who are the terrorists, but rather those who harm Muslim holy sites, and who forbid the entrance of worshipers to the mosque. We have no problem with any Jew in the world, but those who intend to harm holy places and step on our honor, must be punished."


Jaddan Assad, victim of the attack. (Photo: Sahhar Ali)
Jaddan Assad, victim of the attack. (Photo: Sahhar Ali)


"The government of Israel and the Likud give a green light to harm al-Aqsa mosque," he continued. "They are responsible for everything that's going on in Jerusalem. This government is foolish. He who is interested in peace does not harm holy places. Al-Aqsa Mosque is for Muslims and not for Moshe Feiglin. I am a schoolteacher, my students always ask me what's happening with al-Aqsa mosque, and what answer can I give? Should I tell them that the mosque became the Kotel?"


Sultan, a refugee camp resident, threatened that al-Akari's action will not be the last: "There are many people who are ready to do what the martyr did because of what is happening at al-Aqsa Mosque. I, too, will be ready to do so if they keep harming the mosque. Today, we don't throw stones. Almost every home has weapons."


Elior Levy contributed to this report.


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