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'I may be in Vienna, but I feel like I'm in Israel'
Nadav Zenziper
Published: 16.11.14, 00:15
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1. Can't help myself, bragging is my trademark ;) ,...
split ,   US   (11.16.14)
3 spacious rooms in an apartment building in an upscale neighborhood in the center of Vienna with by your description a million dollar view for 2,000 € a month? ,... Beam me up Scotty I'm moving to Vienna ;) ,... By the way the picture of his kitchen says different story also to early to judge and no need for embellishment every detail of his football career including transfers and his shoe size is available on line ,... Good luck young man, remember they're paying you for your performance on football field not for waiving your flag and 'in your face' attitude ,...
2. Cool it with the pompous patriotism: he's there as a profes-
sional player, advancing his career, as everyone on this God's Earth should. So he's Israeli, Jewish, so what? As long as he provides the goods they'll love him. Still it may not be enough for Neonazis or local Muslims, so: watch out lad!!
3. Bragging ?
Paul ,   Kenya   (11.16.14)
Obviously Split (Splitfull) has a problem with everything Israeli or Jewish, yet he/she/it is always on Jewish/Israeli forums and media. Something very wrong in the head - a wannabee Jew maybe ? Rejected by a Jewish partner, shame. Well the soccer player is a proud Israeli, and I am also very proud for him.
4. #1 split-eat your heart out
solomon ,   bklyn   (11.17.14)
5. #3 and #2 ,...
split ,   US   (11.16.14)
Yes bragging, a salary of 350-400 thousand € for a season is not exactly a top or even a medium pay for a premier league star even by Austrian standards ,... Forcing him to elaborate on Israeli politics or an anti-Semitism is not exactly what he needs to be a part of a team especially now when the sympathy is on thr other side ,... It's in your mindset, you simply can't help yourself without bragging and waving your rag ,... With this pompous mindset he won't be accepted in European team or by fans with out he won't exceed in this business ,...
6. #5, get lost, spit.
Jake   (11.18.14)
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