Judge rules PA, PLO to face US trial over terror support
Itamar Eichner, Reuters
Published: 20.11.14, 23:57
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1. Not too sure about this
Adam ,   USA   (11.21.14)
Although i do not support any of whats going on there, but if we go that route, wont that open the door for all the Palestinians to file against the US government for arming & supporting israel bombing & killing thousands of Palestinians using American arms as well as veto power
2. PLO,Abbas,Erkat:Pay for your crimes!
Benny ,   Iran   (11.21.14)
Its high time that these arch terrorist sympathizers and inciters to violence vs the Jewish people be forced to pay for their crimes. Their incitement stretches through the whole world. Their "loose lips have sunk thousand ships." Next , world leaders who incite & support terror vs the Jewish people, Erdogan, Khamenie, etc Their day is coming!
3. #1 Adam I am sure
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.21.14)
The US arms, trains and funds the 'Palestinians' that have murdered thousands of Israelis. We blame the people that did it and so do American laws. As for killing thousands of Arabs - well compared to the US we haven't killed as many as the US does year in and year out.
4. israelies should do the same !
jew ,   europe   (11.21.14)
but arabs get already used to do whatever they want and israel sit qiuete and wait .. wait... for miracles Torah teaches : we should not count on miracles, we should pray, do good deeds and hope but we have to do all possible down here the rest G-d will do shabat shalom !
5. PA, PLO to stand trial in the US
Ezra ,   Florida   (11.21.14)
And how about putting Obama and Kerry on trial as well for supporting these terror organizations?
6. This is good news!
tiki ,   belgium   (11.21.14)
Now the lam has to ''prove he is a lam indeed!
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