Druze IDF soldier denied entry to northern Israeli pub
Goel Beno
Published: 24.11.14, 00:22
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1. not good enough...
David   (11.24.14)
Let me take the liberty of speaking for others for a moment, and say simply that we-- Zionists-- are all offended by this. It is nonsensical-- the defenders of Israel are the best citizens of Israel, whatever their nationality. I suspect that the infinitesimally few people who disagree probably suffer from some mental or intellectual disability. I should also add that this is not at all what the fight about defining Israel as a Jewish state seeks to accomplish, but precisely the opposite-- Zionism is not about hatred, or needless alienation, but simply dignity and the defense of a homeland in which Jews and all who wish to live peacefully can be secured. That is precisely what this soldier was participating in, and let no one think that it is not appreciated in his country.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LA USA   (11.24.14)
I feel your pain. I'm an Iranian Jew who has dark skin, and I too get rejected sometimes when I want to enter a pub in TA. I carry American Passport, and I speak hebrew with a little accent. I still can't get in. I'm so sorry for your pain. Israel is not perfect and, frankly, bouncers are not the smartest people of them all. Please go t a lawyer and sue this pub. Others have done the same and have won their cases.
3. diificult situation
alexi   (11.24.14)
firstly, I apoligize to the 2 druse who went to have agood time. right now,things are tense, israelis have been butchered and so are jittery. Most druse are separate from moslem arabs and loyal israelis who benefit the state and who draw benefit from israel. Enrol to become a member and next time you will welcomes with extra drinks. As for the media, don't blow things out of proportion. Security checks everyone,e ven if the messiah showed up. Everybody gets checked, youhear!
4. pub bars Druze entry
sharon weinbach ,   modiin, israel   (11.24.14)
I am sure that most people are appalled to hear of this. But please, let us blame the owner. This is neither the policy of the country, nor, I believe, a reflection of the average Israeli citizen. We are grateful to our friends and brothers in the Druze community.
5. The law
Conroy ,   Toronto   (11.24.14)
There are laws against this. The authorities should be contacted.
6. Druze IDF soldier denied entry
The owner of the club should be punished. These people are risking their lives for Israel. In fact the owner of the club should give the first drink free of charge to any IDF soldier. Club are making fortune on drinks. To give few drinks free means nothing. The Israeli authority should have a word or two with the boss of the club
7. Welcome to the racist state
Miki   (11.24.14)
8. They are the nicest and amazing people
Bruriah ,   Jerusalem-Israel   (11.24.14)
Unfortunately they sometimes because of their looks could get confused with the guys that try to kill us
9. Heheh ,...
split ,   US   (11.24.14)
Three days ago I was jumped by bunch of hasbara crap peddlers trying to shove in my throat how much respected the Druze are by Jewish majority and how well integrated ,... The facts of life on the ground and spiritual leader of the Druze community support the picture I see not your BS ,... Have a good one ,...
10. simple answer. sue the bar owner. big. set an example.
ralph   (11.24.14)
11. People - this has to change !
Jonathan   (11.24.14)
Come on... The Druze are really "Achla" people. These incidents should be the last ones we hear about. Going to a bar, laughing, spending some money and time... is a great way to live together. Let's open our eyes !
12. Makes one want to puke!
13. Hope...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.24.14)
I hope that Ran Abu Dolah, Amir Hamoud and their Jewish friends all sue Carmiel pub for racism and discrimination.
14. immediate removal of all licences
Mark ,   London   (11.24.14)
"clubs" like this need to go immediately without any recourse to compensation.
15. disgusting
Courtney ,   philly   (11.24.14)
Sad to see Israeli society is still behind the west
16. Jews stand with the Druze !
Rafi ,   US   (11.24.14)
No doubt this injustice will be straightened out... and hopefully SOON!
17. Selective reading ,...
split ,   US   (11.24.14)
To all of you allegedly outraged and disgusted pinheads up there, read this report all the way to the bottom, according to the spiritual leader of the Druze community it's not just this bar owner it's most of you and the mindset of Israelis ,...
18. I suggest all put this on FB and share
doreen ,   ta   (11.24.14)
so the damned pub will have to close!
19. Our brothers, Israeli Druze
Berner ,   At Large   (11.24.14)
Simply said, this is a disgrace and I for one wish the name of the pub was included so I could make sure to avoid spending my hard-earned money there. The Druze are our brothers and I personally have been to Yarka many times to visit friends and buy the best Baklawa in the region. I wish I was there that night as I would have invited these fine young men to my own home for drinks. We owe them thanks for their service and respect as upstanding citizens of our country.
20. this happened to me with druze
Temi ,   Jerusalem-Israel   (11.24.14)
One night in the army I was doing shmiirah (night guard). I heard a bunch of guys talking in arabic. I got really scared and it turned out it was my people, my Druze Israeli soldiers, than I got used to but at the begginning was scary. I felt terrible for confusing them even for a second But trust me they are more than achla, cool, nice, pure beautiful people!!!!
21. Boycott that racist bar
Ariel ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.25.14)
The bar should be boycotted until they make public excuses.
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