For the first time, Israeli-Arab charged with joining Islamic State
Yoav Zitun
Published: 23.11.14, 18:20
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Look on the bright side folks ,young Sami Morgasma ( or whatever his name is ) has acquired some mew and exciting career skills which will no doubt come in useful ,such as how to properly cut the heads off other people.
2. Make this terrorist an EX-Israeli and boot his butt across
A ,   Belgium   (11.23.14)
the river into "palestine", as should be the policy for all arab traitors, Knesset members included.
3. first time?
then what is this:,7340,L-4574511,00.html
4. ahm...
5. Get them out.
Brad ,   USA   (11.23.14)
Obviously Israel has the same problem we have. Muslims within its boarders. We've even got one in the Oval Office. We all need to root them out. They're nothing but trouble with government protection.
6. An Israeli Arab joins IS? Take away his citizenship!
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (11.24.14)
And deport him! Interesting, because according to some (quite many actually!) Moslem Arabs and Moslem Kurds, it's "Westerners, Jews and Americans that pretend to be Moslems, join IS and give Islam a bad name." Really??? Is that why they attack other Westerners - in Western countries? Hmmm, Moslems need to make up their minds now. Because this schmuck is yet one Arab Moslem example out of hundreds if not thousands, that join IS. However, this is another reason for Israel to permanently deport Israel's Arabs, and I don't care if the rest of the world (the Moslems, the Obama Administration and the EU) cry, shout or scream, if they climb the floors, the walls or the ceilings, if they beg, appeal, ask and implore Israel to change its mind or if the Moslems threaten to start a 5th, 20th and a 100th Intifada or a WW3 - nothing, absolutely nothing should deter Israel from deporting Israel's Arabs, because we are in a fight for our country's safety, survival and well being, and the Israeli politicians' loyalty should go to Israel and not the "world community" - which doesn't exist anyway - just a nice dopey epithet without any clear or lucid or concrete meaning. 7 billion human beings screaming for 7 billion different things.
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