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It's official: Israel's Knesset votes to disband, elections on March 17
Moran Azulay
Published: 03.12.14, 13:01
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1. Center-Left may get 60 MK
If the Center-Left unite (Meretz-Lapid-Herzog-Hadash-Balad-Livni) unite they may get 60 MK.
2. and I'm STILL going to vote for BIBI!!!!
Gracey ,   Tel Aviv   (12.03.14)
3. Adam Eshbee, you're right, indeed a good date.
AC   (12.03.14)
It's the month of Adar where it'll be good for "real" Jews. Hopefully Bibi will win again because there's no one else to choose from and hope Bibi will have come to his senses and create a government with "real" Jews.
4. Great day when finally Peeron, Peri, Lapid, Livni
will be dumped together with the entire Yesh Atid party.
5. Center Left wrong calculations
Livni disappears, probablu many from balad. Kaoid for sure looses seats. I am not sure Meretz will survive. Nobody believes in Hetzog as PM. So make calculations again
6. Let's see:how long will it take for stories about Sara's
tantrums and megalomaniac tendencies to circulate (regurgitate) again? Bibi will be presented as one being close to a psychopath...and some fools will buy it. This , so it seems, is the "theme" of the Lunatic Left for these elections.
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