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French documentary 'proves' Coco Chanel worked for Nazis
Ashley Baylen
Published: 04.12.14, 23:14
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1. Coco Chanel was a survivor. Even a holocaust survivor of a
Rivkah   (12.06.14)
Nazi camp as a child told me that people in the camps who had an ounce of goodness in their hearts, DIED. Only the evil ones survived. She survived by stealing and doing whatever she had to do to survive. The people with kind souls, DIED. Survivors are not the nice people in the group. They are ruthless.
2. Maybe she did, so??! Did we stop using products of AG-Farben
"only" because they produced Cyklon B? Are BMW sales down because they're built by ex-Nazi country? It is purely of gossip-value, not real historical significance. Still, someone will end up making a name for himself....
3. Rivkah,
walt k ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (12.09.14)
Survival instinct has nothing to do with the humaniy.
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