Israel names Border Police officer accused of killing Palestinian protester
Aviel Magenzi
Published: 14.12.14, 15:37
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1. Coincidentally ,...
split   (12.14.14)
He looks like tween brother of those three that burned mosque ,...
2. Israel stand with your soldiers.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (12.14.14)
They give their lives so other Jews may live free. pals love to die in vain, don't take one good IDF soldier with them.
3. Why anyone would still want to be an officer in
Correy   (12.14.14)
anti Jewish Israel is perplexing.
4. Ben Deri is a hero
DAVID JACOBS ,   Hasmonaim   (12.14.14)
Ben should be released immediately and given an Award. It is very sad that the entire Knesset including Bibi and the Likud, Bennet and Bayit Yehudi, Liberman and Yisrael Beitenu, Shas,Aguda, Yesh Atid all abandon our chayalim. There is no knesset member fighting for Ben Deri. The only one fighting for Ben is Michal Ben Ari and Honenu
5. The Government is UNREALISTIC and BETRAYING!
Riva Schertzman ,   Israel   (12.14.14)
Having been the victim of rock throwing at my car, I have seen how vicious these "innocent teenage rock throwers" are. they are strong and can easily kill someone! the ROCK is like a GUN! except the government doesn't want to face this. Further, these same young Arabs are even worse to the IDF and police in which they throw firebombs, burn tires, set off explosives, throw refrigerators from windows (as my commando son can attest), and anything in the HOPE OF KILLING THE IDF AND POLICE! so, if one of these "innocents" happens to get killed, HOW IN THE WORLD CAN WE BLAME THE POLICEMAN TRYING TO PROTECT ALL OF US FROM GETTING KILLED BY THIS VICIOUS MOB WHICH IS ABOLUTELY INTENT ON KILLING US!
6. He must be punished for murder
David ,   Canada   (12.14.14)
This guy was in no danger whatsoever. He was behind a barrier and the teens were a hundred yards away. This guy shot the 2 teens with live ammo on purpose and for sport. He must be punished as with any other murder.
7. israel press portraying Ben Deri, and his family as victims.
James   (12.15.14)
He is depressed, but alive. In few months he'll be promoted.
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