Israel approves construction of 380 housing units in East Jerusalem
Published: 24.12.14, 18:33
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1. East Jersulem?
Is this area formerly called the arab sector of Jerusalem???
2. On a related note: Israel should take advantage of elections
and do away with Meretz. It is up to us!
3. Developing, constructing and building
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (12.24.14)
Present and entire Jerusalem is not only annexed, but also liberated. Jerusalem and the rest of Israel/Middle-East are one, for one state, nation, land, country, entity and population/people. KEEP DEVELOPING AND GOING ON!
4. Demand unlimited Judea/Samaria building NOW!
Chaim ,   Israel   (12.25.14)
This is our 4,000 year old ancestral heartland. If you love Israel; demand unlimited Judea and Samaria building!
5. building housing units
George Teitelbaum ,   United States   (12.24.14)
Instead of announcing the approval of 380 housing units, Israel should firmly state that they will approve 5 units each and every day until the Palestinians sit down and negotiate in good faith!!! The result will be the same units being approved, but the Hasbara will be far better and the media will lose interest because it will be routine.
6. "settlement"
Legally, no part of Jerusalem is a "settlement" since Israel formally annexed these liberated territories with near unanimous votes. The fact that the extreme Left calls Jerusalem a "settlement" proves that the Left wants to divide Jerusalem. What is strange is that instead of proudly admitting that they believe that dividing Jerusalem, turning it over to Hamas and evicting the Jews living there will bring peace, they pretend they want a unified Jerusalem.
7. Headline error, neither were in pre-67 "East Jerusalem"
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (12.25.14)
The term "East Jerusalem" properly refers only to the municipal boundaries of the "East Jerusalem" as annexed [illegally, according to repeated UN resolutions, and rejected by the Arab League] by Trans-Jordan, and later conquered by Israel in the 1967 war. Ramot and Har Homa were well outside the pre-67 Jordanian-designated "East Jerusalem" municipalboundaries, and thus this illegal, obsolete and illegitimate geographical term does not even correctly apply to them. They became part of post 1967 "greater"Jerusalem only as unified and annexed by Israel. There is no basis for designating these two areas as part of the territory described by obsolete term "East Jerusalem". In fact, neither of then are even "East" of the 1967 Green Line dividing pre-1967 Jerusalem, they are both well "West" of this line and west of the former "East Jerusalem". However you want to refer to them, it is simply idiotic to refer to them as part of East Jerusalem,or even "eastern Jerusalem". Get it right. Look at a map!
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