Brother of captive Jordanian pilot asks Islamist group for mercy
Roi Kais
Published: 25.12.14, 01:09
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1. Muslims vs. Muslims
USA   (12.25.14)
This is probably not going to end well. Why? In the 70 years of Islamic sectarian fighting and violence, Muslims have killed over 2 million other Muslims. In the ongoing Syrian civil war, approximately 200,000 Muslims have been killed by fellow Muslims. In the ISIS fighting thousands of Muslims have been killed thus far, by Muslim. Islam is its own worst enemy and once it gains dominance over a resident stabilizing force, it becomes a problem for itself and others.
2. Are there Iranian masters behind Daesh?
fgt   (12.25.14)
Please let us know the answer!
3. @ Zippy Tax Service If The Lead Behind
President, would have forethought, like leaving a contingent of US Military, the Vacum filled by isis!!! Would Not Have Happened? Nu
4. Why would it matter if he's a moslem?
These people are divided MANY MANY ways, they will NEVER unify!!! Mercy is not in there vocabulary!!! The only one who save this Frightened jordanian pilot is Ha Shem!!!
5. hashemthegreat
1 ,   1   (12.25.14)
if they didn't chopped his head then they are collaborating with ISIS don't forget that he is an arab religion traitor according to their concept let's see , israel should demand sinai , W ,bank and a big part of KSA ahmm let's see
6. Playing the "fellow Moslem" card ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.14)
.... doesn't work with Daesh. Almost all of the people they have slaughtered are "fellow Moslems." The only thing that would work is an extraction by competent commandos. Jordan doesn't have any. The United States doesn't have any. The U.K. doesn't have any. Israel does. But don't bother asking. The Jordanians haven't been very polite to us lately. In fact, they've been downright rude. Tsk, tsk. We're not going to risk Israeli commandos just to rescue an inept Jordanian pilot. All I can say is that I hope his beheading is swift and expert. Most, quite frankly, are anything but.
7. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.14)
That would be a difficult concept to accept. The Sunni / Shi'a gulf is pretty wide. Daesh is ideologically Sunni - fanatically so. Iran might try and forge ties with Hamas, but only in the same way that the Soviets hooked up with the Allies during the War. But Hamas and Iran wish to destroy Israel, so they might work together to achieve that (well, it's a losing proposition, but both Iran and Hamas are fated to learn the hard way) but it is not a comfortable concept for either fanatical side. Almost impossible to envision Iran linking up with Sunni madmen, even if those madmen are intent upon destroying the Kurds and the Yazidi -- Iran's natural enemies. Iran supporting the Daesh is possible, of course -- but difficult to imagine. Of course we're dealing with insane Moslems -- so anything is possible.
8. To: FB Wai Tatiri
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (12.25.14)
Hush, baby. Pinchas David was merely being sarcastic. I do believe you owe him an apology.
9. being a muslim probably makes him more likely to be killed
zionist forever   (12.25.14)
He is a Muslim but he is trying to kill brave Muslim martyrs fighting a holy war probably makes him a traitor to Islam. An infidel at least can be forgiven for the fact he is trying to stop our holy war even if they will still be executed. He probably be put up for ransom, demand around $10-$20 million if they don't pay he will be executed and his corpse ransomed.
10. # 1 re: 2 million dead Muslims....
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (12.25.14)
The lord works in mysterious ways. If no aid comes t the Muslims there will be less Muslims.... Works for me. KEEP BUILDING JEWISH ISRAEL !!!
11. strange world
Jordanians are silent when ISIS captures, rapes and sells Yazidi, Kurd and Christian children, but think a pilot who kills hundreds with his bombs deserves mercy
12. # 3 Blame obama for ISIS
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (12.26.14)
It was obama who 'bugged out' setting the stage for ISIS. obama is like the running coward who never got the 'hang' of winning a war.
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