Synagogue from Roman Empire unearthed in northern Israel
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 26.12.14, 00:16
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1. It is a fake invention
Hassan saidi ,   egypt   (12.26.14)
of the sneaky zionistic plot to claim golan and steal more land, if more digging arab relics will be found. jews want to rub away arab history but allah and the prophet will win
2. No evidence it was a sinagogue.
Peter ,   Jerusalem   (12.26.14)
And would prove nothing, as there are ancient synagogues everywhere. Israeli archeologists keep finding pottery shards on random 2500 year old stone houses and calling them evidence of the reign of David or some such thing.
3. Jewish historical presence is all over land of Israel
CJK   (12.26.14)
the muslims can scream bloody murder, but the land of israel is jewish.
4. Magdala??? Golan Heights???
Bill ,   Ginnosar Israel   (12.26.14)
After reading your misleading heading on this article, it forces me to be quite skeptical on it's contents. .(even the contents of Ynet in general) Magdala is on the shores of the Kinneret ,200 meters below sea level NOT on the Golan Heights. If Ynet's fact checking before publishing is like this on a rather benign subject like this ,how can I know the facts about more important events like political corruption or West Bank issues?
5. 4
CJK   (12.26.14)
the first sentence of the article clearly states that magdala is on the shore of lake kinneret, sea of galilee in english. the galil is not the same as the golan heights.
6. fascinating! keep up the good work... slowly & carefully!
Rafi ,   US   (12.27.14)
7. # 4 and # 5
Sagi   (12.27.14)
Yes, the article is misleading, this is not unusual for Ynet. However There is and was also a Magdala on the Golan, above Wadi Rokad, not too far from the "shores of the Kinneret".
8. #3. Only people can be jewish, not minerals.
Peter ,   Jerusalem   (12.27.14)
No land, trees, buildings, animals, vegetables, bodies of water, clouds in the sky or rocks are Jewish. Or Muslim, or Christian. Only people have religion so theres no jewish land or palestinian land for that matter. The concept is as absurd as that of jewish trees or jewish stray cats. It isnt even an issue of legal ownership as palestinians do own land in Israel while plenty of jews dont.
9. Advertisements
Robert Brewster ,   Roswell, GA, USA   (12.27.14)
Interspersing commercial ads throughout the articles cheapens the entire publication and is annoying to all readers of the texts.
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