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One-third of Israeli couples met online in 2014
Yisrael Wolman
Published: 29.12.14, 15:46
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1. Sadly, 80% of the searches on the Internet are to pornograph
Rivkah   (12.29.14)
pornographic sites. Pornography should be banned from the internet to protect people from predators who feast on such evil so they can attack women, and men and boys and girls and even babies. But then, the Internet would shut down from lack of traffic.
2. 1/3 secular Israeli couples met on the internet
C B   (12.29.14)
as most orthodox Jews don't have internet.
3. The American invention Internet improves and prolongs life.
Michael ,   California, USA   (12.29.14)
Psychologists tell us almost unanimously that socializing improves and prolongs our lives. Imagine, socializing with other people through the Internet is even better for our health than keeping a pet at home. Especially if it leads to meeting the person you've contacted on the Internet for a cup of coffee and later introducing them to your mother. One question though: why haven't Jews invented the Internet? Or am I wrong on this?
4. 3 bob Kahn is known as the father of
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.01.15)
the Internet. Do you know many non-Jews named Kahn?
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