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Transgender woman denied entry to Western Wall
Published: 06.01.15, 23:24
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1. Herod's wall
rmh   (01.06.15)
We need to enter the 21st century or better yet the first century. The builder of the wall probably knew a thing or two about alternative lifestyles and converts to Judaism. LGBT persons deserve better treatment based on the principle of original intent.
2. Little need for comment .......
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (01.07.15)
.....bigotry condemns itself by its own actions.
3. Answers
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (01.08.15)
This is a sad story with a sad ending. There are more than two sections of the Western Wall. Aside from the main men's and women's separate areas, there is a third mixed section as well as the Kotel Koton and Robinson's Arch which are open to all. Times of Israel describes Kay as the top Israeli drag queen for three years running. From a Jewish point of view it is prohibited for a man to dress like a woman or a woman to dress like a man, so it's no surprise Kay caused some confusion..
4. The Orthodox
Howard White ,   United States   (01.12.15)
I resent being told that the Wall is more important to the Orthodox. Those of us who are committed Jews also consider it very important even if it has been hijacked so we are unable to go without compromising of egalitarian beliefs or being treated as less that true Jews.
5. Hmm, where is it written "no gays allowed"?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (02.02.15)
If she's such a good drag queen, she should remember how to dress as a man and avoid conflict and confusion. Or, become more religious and wear more covering? Oy I'm confused. That's the problem, the confusion of categorizing.
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