Dutch Jewish school closed after anti-terrorist raid in Belgium
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Published: 16.01.15, 10:10
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1. face it
It started with an attack on Charlie Hebdo by Muslims enraged that Leftist cartoonists mocked Mohammed. Now a little more than a week after the attack, nothing has changed for journalists or Leftist organizations. The only thing that has changed is that European countries are expending massive resources to protect innocent Jewish targets, that have nothing to do with politics, journalism or insults to Islam. The Europeans and the Jews must face the fact. Europe is unable to give the Jews a normal life. The Europeans will have to expend untold treasure on guarding each and every Jew, and the Jews will live in the permanent shadow of guns and barbed wire. Let's make it easier for everyone: the Jews leave Europe, the Europeans save the money on protecting them.
2. Face this, "face it"
ASTRONAUT ,   USA   (01.16.15)
"It" started over 5,000 years ago by cretins like you, against whom we have been surviving, despite all odds, for millennia. Now tell me that the Hand of G-d is not part of this Miracle. Shabbat Shalom.
3. #1 Whats the difference?
ky   (01.16.15)
Hitler/ Goebbels : Jews must leave Europe You: Jews must leave Europe. Let there be no doubt we are not going anywhere. We are citizens of the world . That means both in Israel, Europe, USA and anywhere else you chose to name. We will defend ourselves from attack if it comes to it. That's the way it will be for the majority of Jews . The same as Jews living in Israel or anywhere else. WE WILL NOT BE DRIVEN ANYWHERE. Get it?
4. Yes because
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (01.16.15)
moving to a country under the shadow of Hezbollah and HAMAS rockets isn't jumping from the frying pan into the fire
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