Israel told Swedish FM they would not secure her visit
Itamar Eichner
Published: 18.01.15, 00:58
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1. European Anti Semitism
Mick Bates ,   Mexico   (01.18.15)
History shows that Europe was always anti Semitic. In the 1930's and 40's that was shown in WW 11. It is not politically correct to do that now, so they use the Palestinians and Arabs to do that now. Kudos to Israel keeping these cockroaches out. Israel needs real friends, not pretenders.
2. What are the Swedes afraid of?
Moshe the Genuine   (01.18.15)
They are extremely popular wit the Pals, they don't need a security detail. I am sure Hamas will never shoot a Qassam at their FM. Oh, yeah, I understand now. The Swedes know they cannot rely on the Pals.
3. Swedims or should we say ' Mudish' ..
Mike ,   RKDH   (01.18.15)
The Swedims will not be missed. . and have nothing to add to the peace process. They should instead concentrate on enjoying each other's company. RKDH
4. Bravo Israel !
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.18.15)
How can she talk for the close allies, and especially the USA?. It really sounds like an Ikea kit instructions.
5. Let's not forget the reason ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.18.15)
... for the visit. The late Raoul Wallenberg, z"l. Wallenberg would turn in his grave -- wherever that may be -- at the prospect of mealy-mouthed, Jew-hating, terrorist-supporting Wallstrom attending a ceremony in his honor. Malmo used to have a significant Jewish population. Today, it's an Arab and Moslem slum, and the Jews have been driven out. But I note for the record that Wallstrom touts Ikea products -- junk. But if she thinks so highly of them, she can send them to the "palestinians" in Gaza, instead of relying exclusively upon Israel to provide that terrorist enclave with everything they need. If the Swedes love terrorsts that much, they can have them. Sweden's dead already, anyway.
6. So, it's "unacceptable" how we talk about the Swedes? Tough.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (01.18.15)
It was Swedish papers a few years ago carrying claims that IDF soldiers were stealing Palestinian organs. Now THAT should have been unacceptable. Sweden acts like an adversary, not an ally, so dismissive of Israeli concerns it has become. So no, they don't deserve to be welcomed as a friend. If Sweden is so concerned about Palestinians, why don't they invite them join the Arab/Muslim immigrants they've already taken in? (Apropos, how do Swedes like their new neighbors?) PS - It must tick off the Swedes that Israel these days earns more Nobels than they do.
7. Sweden is a deluded little country
CJK   (01.18.15)
the swedes delude themselves into thinking that they can dictate israel's national security and foreign policy.
8. At lest for once, we're doing something out of our own
initiative instead of responding & scrambling for solutions... This was inevitable and it is for the best. Now Sweden can continue on the road to Islamic Hell with "clear" conscience.
9. the Swedes can come when the racist social dems are out
Scott ,   Ramat Gan   (01.18.15)
10. LOL
Cindy ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.18.15)
Very good move! I love when we do not bend to the Europeans. Good move Liberman!
11. EXCELLENT !!!!!! That's the way to deal
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.18.15)
with the supporters of Israels enemies !
12. Sweden is commiting demographic suicide
Daveed ,   New Yawk   (01.18.15)
RIP Walleneberg who must be turning in his grave due to the demographic suicide. A country of 9.5mill Swedes letting in hundreds of thousands of Sharia loving and welfare abusing professional refugees year after year. How can the Swedes be so stupid?!
13. Swedish meatballs
David ,   Cape Town   (01.18.15)
This Swedish politician and her colleagues in Parliament depend on popularity with the fastest growing sector of the Swedish population, the Muslims for their career in politics. Their decisions are based on self interest and have little to do with principles. Sweden is the worst example of that because it includes a toxic blend of self righteous left wing cloud cuckoo think. No need to be concerned with this woman's pathetic outburst. The Swedes in the end are practical people and they will kick her and her kind out, as has already happened in Norway, which is hastening to heal relations with Israel..
14. Bragging idiot @ 6 ,...
split   (01.18.15)
"PS - It must tick off the Swedes that Israel these days earns more Nobels than they do" ,... Name one Jewish Nobel prize winner born and educated in Israel or got it for his/her achievements there ,... Freedom of speech that's another subject ,...
15. swedish foreign minister
Doc ,   cape town   (01.18.15)
the swedes will have learned humility and the Israelis have learned self respect. Well done Lieberman. Long may it last !
16. Stand up for your principles
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (01.18.15)
Good to see Israel have some backbone.
17. "the opportunity to visit the Palestinian territories"
A ,   Belgium   (01.18.15)
Poor woman is obviously very confused, as she would have to go to the British invention east of the Jordan River to visit "palestinian territories". Not very knowledgeable of a foreign minister.
18. "Yes sir, no sir"
tiki ,   belgium   (01.18.15)
Europeans can't handle talk backs from successful and 'aggressive Jews who stand up and fight. They only like the submissive & dead Jews. That's the real reason the European enablers of terror back the Palestinian terror organisations. Teaching the Jews a lesson & showing them their place. Submit or die! Sweden/EU is just repeating an old scenario where Jews once again play the main part. Well, ISRAEL won't do them the favour and rejects to play in their movie.
19. visit
Dan Frank ,   Montreal Canada   (01.18.15)
Israel was acting "being a gentleman" by not canceling her visit outright. Sweden should be added to the club that includes N.Korea, Iran , Syria etc. as a state sponsoring terror.
EZEKIAL HAIM ,   LONDON UK   (01.18.15)
21. Israel must exercise its soveriegnty over its land
bernard ross   (01.18.15)
no euro diplomats in the west bank. no euros or swedes libeling Israel allowed in. Jewish settlement i ALL of Israel is legal and legitimate and assertion that it is not is insulting and libelous. I spit on sweden
22. Wallsrom didn't send peace manual just a reminder of Qassams
A partnership and cooperation instruction manual doesn't normally come with Rockets attached. It certainly doesn't come with an arrogant diplomatic attitude.
23. Ms. Wallstrom
Benji ,   US   (01.18.15)
Israel has many allies in the world and they don't need your elitist arrogance. Feel free to travel to Ramallah from Jordan and bring your own security. Also bring a helmet in case they greet you with eggs and shoes given their primitive behavior shown to the Canadian PM. Appoint someone from your government with better manners to mend diplomacy with Israel since you failed.
24. Prime minister of Sweden
Sondra bastin ,   ky. Usa   (04.29.16)
I can tell you thatt the prime minister of Sweden is wrong. I am an America, born and bred and I do not support her view. I am a Christian. And I support Israel. And so do a lot of people in the USA. Do not listen to the media. Thank you.
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