Six arrested in Jerusalem over attack on Israeli Druze man
Roi Yanovsky
Published: 26.01.15, 13:47
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1. Jews beating Druze
Leib ,   Madison Wisconsin US   (01.26.15)
It is time for a massive dragnet to uproot these Jewish thugs who are harming innocents and harming the Jewish people. How about deporting them? They can be dropped off in any danger zone of their choice-Gaza, south Lebanon, Syria-places Druze and Jewish soldiers risk their lives to protect Israel from.
2. distortion
only truth always ,   paquistan   (01.26.15)
3. Trial?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.26.15)
Hoping that they are actually brought to trial. If convicted they should serve long prison terms and not be allowed to plead 'extenuating circumstances' or such.
4. When will Israel destroy the
John Robey ,   Austin, Texa   (01.26.15)
homes of the families of these men?
5. Some of my best friends are Druish.
Melvin ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.26.15)
6. Druze
Natan ,   EU   (01.26.15)
I hope they spend some really serious time behind bars. Skumbags!
7. Just because they were wearing skullcaps doesn't mean they
were Jewish. Arabs also wear skullcaps. Even secular Jews have them in their pockets in case of such an emergency.
8. He gets what he deserves
Aiman ,   Jersey   (01.26.15)
I am not a hatter of jews or Israel for that matter I actually admire you guys in so many ways. BUT the reality is Druze are middle easterners they look Arabic they speak Arabic and in Israeli society anything Arabic is hated even Jews who look Arabic are discriminated against this is something that in you don't try to hide it just try to fight your hate just like arabs should fight the hate they heve toward you.
9. Thinking before attacking in such a case
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (01.26.15)
Please, do not attack persons and groups in this/that case.and that everybody has understanding and respect for eachother. Criticize constructively, for example, an evil and bad ideology, to save oneself and the rest of the present and entire humankind, in everything, everywhere and always.
10. Who are the six?
We must know ,   Jerusalem   (01.26.15)
11. very disturbing
alsky ,   Toronto   (01.26.15)
speedy recovery to this fine young man !
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