Ancient Israeli skull may document migration from Africa
Associated Press
Published: 29.01.15, 01:14
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1. You see, Arabs, we were here long b4 you
barbara ,   Haifa   (01.29.15)
2. And Dr.Bazilla, if it was just upside-down and the humans went from Euphrat+Tigris to all
always these news around masondates..   (01.30.15)
directions and got mixed; because sex is always the main thing in evolution.. - so good night; but may be this Dr. Gozilla and the Tuebingen mistress (cathols and masons third important town) will find an insription at the scull, where it's written (and written by them after birth and in english letters-lol or much better in some new cryphs) "my grand grandfather was the personal writer of Osiris and Horus was his grandpa.." and then he 'll get the Order of... of the masons and illuminati. pS: the Peking scull is older; but it was destroyed by the Japanese as the attacked the ship, knowing what was on it..
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