Iran admits to exporting arms to Hezbollah, Palestinians
Published: 03.02.15, 19:06
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1. Shocking!
arne ,   chicago usa   (02.03.15)
Who would have thought this has happened--Thank you Y-Net for the info.
2. Why doesn't Bibi fight?
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (02.03.15)
He claims he has the worlds best military. Why doesn't he fight these maniacs? Why is he lobbying the US congress when he should be mobilizing his military and his own government for a formal declaration of war. Iran is basically lobbing missiles into his cities and building up a nuke capability and he is begging congress. I can't figure that out. He needs to MAN-UP and fight.
3. #2 sheik rattle & roll
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (02.03.15)
Could you be a bit more specific what a Israel/Iran war should look like?
4. and US ADMITS arming Israel
chris (munich)   (02.04.15)
5. @4
Sol ,   Canada   (02.04.15)
Yes, but arming Israel is not against international law while arming the terrorist group Hezbollah is. In fact there as UN resolutions calling for the complete disarming of Hezbollah. See the difference?
6. To: No. 4
No, we developed our nukes all by ourselves. Besides, there is a world of difference between arming a sovereign state and arming a terrorist group. What would Germany have done were other countries to have armed members of the Bader-Meinhoff gang? ?
7. #4 Which country in the WORLD
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.04.15)
Before you start trumpeting your loyalty to the Hezbollah cause you should think of Lebanon and Lebanese Self Determination Which country in the world tolerate another country sending arms to an ILLEGITIMATE EXTREMIST TERRORIST MILITIA that has seized control of one third of its territory and expresses its FIRST loyalty NOT TO LEBANON BUT TO IRAN? And only cynically uses the territory from which to launch Iranian Wars, Iranian Hegemony and Shia Domination
8. The A bomb could be the answer
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (02.04.15)
America did quite well ending the war Japan began with her using the A bomb. Maybe Israel should follow her successful lead and let history repeat itself? Or obama could wait for ISIS to hoist its flag over HIS WH.
9. #2 LOL Funny fellow
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (02.04.15)
Does the word Gaza ring any bell with you? Bibi stomped Hamas to a pulp and what good came from it? Condemnation for winning the war Hamas began? Bibi 'manned up' alright while obama was giving him shit from the sidelines and releasing 5 AL Qaeda Generals for a US deserter, Bergdal and having withdrawing from Iraq allowing ISIS free reign over the area. Better question is, where was obama and, why didn't he man up and FIGHT? MORE BUILDING MORE WINNING.!!
10. #5 people who live in glass houses
chris (munich)   (02.04.15)
I tried to post a link to a site listing Israel's non-conformity with UN resolutions, but it seems the moderator did not like it. But I think you understand what I am getting at?
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