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ISIS posts photos purportedly showing Jordanian pilot burnt alive
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Published: 03.02.15, 19:15
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1. ISIS =Israel
Amal Dahlan ,   Amman, Jordan   (02.03.15)
Israel burnt the young Palestinian boy Mohammed khudair alive. ISIS burnt the martyr Muath Al-Kaseasbeh alive! Seems both worship the same God hatred, cruelty, and evil.
2. revenge
john ,   toronto   (02.03.15)
Revenge is not going to help the family .They have lost a son , and the family should be allowed to mourn their loss. Jordan should not take any decision and should go to the family before taking any such decisions. The family should give the response for this senseless killing .
3. ISIS will not kill any more Jordanians
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.03.15)
after Jordan is going to execute 5 Jihadists in retaliation
4. jordanian pilots violent end
simona ,   kfar saba, Israel   (02.03.15)
What I don't understand, is, according to video, the pilot walks freely by himself, looking about him, seeing all the armed terrorists and enters the cage willingly? Why didn't he make a run for it and be gunned down in instant, to cry out that they are vicious murderers? It just doesn't make sense! True, he's going to die, but why did he allow himself to die such a painful death? Did he feel it more honorable? I would rather go in a split second, or at least hope that I would be gunned down at once! See his eyes, you can see he was beaten horribly already! What did he have to lose by trying to get them to gun him down instead of being burned to death.
5.  Even raging lunatics
ky   (02.03.15)
usually realize that the same sort of thing can happen to them if they commit such acts. In fact sometimes the only thing that can stop a lunatic from raging is when it does happen to them. My sincere sympathy to the family of the pilot for this filthy and inhuman act
6. It's war to the death with these Satanic IS freaks
Cameron ,   USA   (02.03.15)
7. #4 he he was probably tortured
Hila ,   Australia   (02.03.15)
He was most likely subjected to extreme torture beforehand. I would also assume he was druged prior to the burning.
8. misguided Amal Dahlan
Barry ,   New York, USA   (02.04.15)
as a Jordanian we can understand your pain, and wish for revenge; can you then grasp that the same sense of outrage, over the murder of three young students, is what drove a few deranged individuals to brutally kill Mohammed Khudair; are you aware as well that most of Israel responded with disgust at this deplorable act? as seems to be prevalent through out most of the Islamic world, your comments are ridiculously reductionistic, alarmist, and refect a total inabilty to grasp any subtlety; truth is irrelevant
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