Report: Top Democrats mull skipping Netanyahu speech
Published: 04.02.15, 15:44
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1. Since then 500 other shows on Fox support Netanyahu
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.04.15)
2. Shame
Steve ,   dallas   (02.04.15)
When Obama says jump, his little lackeys say "how high"? Netanyahu should give his speech, be humble, above all, thank the US. And let the left wing walk out. It will be to their shame.
3. Brilliant Move
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, USA   (02.04.15)
Nice going Bibi. Anything to get reelected. You have managed to get the only real ally that Israel has into an awkward position. In the future, if you have one, stay out of American politics. I hope you are listening. I have my doubts.
4. American Jews Wake Up!
Jason, Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (02.04.15)
The U.S. failed miserably in stopping N. Korea to get nukes, and looked what happened If Iran gets nukes, this will be a security nightmare for the entire world, starting with Israel, of course. This is not a partisan issue. I am a centrist, not a liberal or conservative. If American Jewish leaders do not do everything to put maximum pressure on Iran, they should be held accountable by the Jewish People if Iran gets the bomb. On Purim, I intend to leaflett cars at synagogues urging all Jews to put maximum pressure on their representatives to increase sanctions on Iran and to not allow a bad deal with Iran. I may or may not get in trouble for doing this. Who is with me? Who will committ to also do this that night? Please answer me in this forum. We cannot wait for our Jewish "leaders" to do this. We must take matters into our own hands.
5. Democrats are endangering America
Brod ,   USA   (02.04.15)
The Democrats are endangering America. They were the slave masters and the cause of the Civil War in America. They have lost sight of the Judeo-Christian values of America as framed by the Founding Founders. And their leadership is becoming Anti-Semite and Anti-Judeo-Christian. By not attending the PM's speech, their leadership shows their true color. Instead of listening to the only true Democracy and Friend and Ally of America in the Middle East, they show their hostility as Obama the Islamist does. Obama has sent his political operatives to Israel to meddle in its election to help topple Israel's Conservative government. It is time Israel round them up and deport them. The Obama thugs did the same thing in Egypt to cause the upheavals in the region and enable the Terrorist Organization Muslim Brotherhood to take over the government. The Muslim Brotherhood destroyed Egypt's economy, terrorized and murdered Christians and burned their churches. Fortunately, the Army toppled the Muslim Brotherhood thugs and brought stability to Egypt. Israel should not allow these Obama thugs to create a recipe that would cause its destruction. They should be treated enemies of Israel. In other countries such foreign operatives would have been jailed or deported immediately. Congress represents the nation to ensure its national security and in confronting external threats such as the fanatical Islamist-Jihadist Ayatollahists nuke development that has threatened to vaporize Israel repeatedly, ISIS, etc. America needs to listen to the only Expert in the region-Israel. The PM's speech is vital to America, Israel and the world.
6. then lets be clear they are anti-israel and always were
ralph   (02.04.15)
7. God Bless Congress to support Israel
Benny ,   Iran   (02.04.15)
Its better to be on the side of morality. To support Israel is to support civilization ; to support Israel is to crush the evil doers from UC Davis to Toulouse to Paris to Malmo. No one should question Israel's right to create safe & secure borders when so much evil Jihadis & Europeans keep seeking Israel"s demise.
8. And rightly so ,...
split   (02.04.15)
I know already that my congressman and senators won't be greeting this clown as well ,...
9. what 'top Democrats"?
BUILD BABY BUILD!!   (02.04.15)
they've been replaced by a vast majority of republicans who DO support Israel and Bibi Netanyahu as do the majority of American's. Remember Bib's last address before both House and Senate? They couldn't stop applauding and cheering and, then, the majority were Democrats..... This time, due to obamas school yard bullying, it will backfire on obama like the Seattle Seahawks last play. Can hardly wait to hear Bibi, obama set the stage for his victory. Seems obama couldn't win the flip of a rigged coin. Counting the days until obama is gone from office. BUILD MORE SAVE MORE !!
10. Better they be called "Friends of Al
DT ,   TA Israel   (02.04.15)
11. Democrats may skip Netanyahu speech
Carole Gold ,   Austin, TX USA   (02.04.15)
Now you see a major problem here in the U.S. While the Republicans show respect to the opposition regardless of whether or not they agree with their policies or agenda, while the Democrats are never open to an opposing viewpoint. They and the left-controlled media determine political correctness and are never open to meeting in the arena of ideas. Netanyahu will come here to speak truth to power and layout the danger the world face. Democrats would rather double down in being politically correct than face the truth.
12. Verify Demilitirization Non Belligerance
Zechariah   (02.04.15)
Its essential that the Iranian don't cause a nuclear proliferation .The Palestinian People's are better off to accept Demilitirization and NonBelligerance to prevent eternal wars .Gaza is preparing for new war in a few months but it will lead to an intensified cycle of hate wars and destruction.The Gaza withdrawal was meant to draw funds for massive infrastructure investment not Tunnels Rockets and brainwashing future fanatics .
13. What do you expect?
AY ,   USA   (02.04.15)
The Democrats have been losing because of their own incompetence. Do you think their actions on illegal immigration is because of some benevolence? When even many Democratic voters support deportation of illegal immigrants and better system ensuring illegals are not coming in, Obama is going the other way. I hope the Jewish voters in the US wake up and start voting their own interests as opposed to the interests of the Democratic Party itself.
14. Netanyahu Should Make Speech
World Citzen ,   the world   (02.04.15)
Because it will help more American citizens realise that Israel is very bad for US interests in the Middle East. When the American right wing fanatics turn away from their foolish devotion to Israel their politicians will be forced to concede to the people's will. No AIPAC pressure will keep the dam from breaching. No amount of zionist "campaign contributions" will stem the tide. Then there will justice for the Palestinian people.
15. Birds of a feather........
RayS ,   NH, USA   (02.04.15)
The "leadership of todays Democrats follow Obama & Co.. Anti-Israel ,anti-US Defense, weak on Terrorism,weak on security borders, etc. In other words reminiscent of the "west" in the 1930s. Seems like the Israeli Left fits right in line with this.
16. Netanyahu's visit to Congress in March
Harvey Dahut ,   United States   (02.04.15)
The United States Congress gave a platform to the Prime Minister of Israel who believes that the deal the P5+1 has negotiated with Iran is a bad one. Let Congress decide if they want to choose to fight the President on this. It is not a partisan issue. Iran is not a friend of the West, Their smaller bombs have killed and wounded thousands of American soldiers in Iraq. They are working on long range ICBM's. What more proof does a sane Congress need. Let's fight them before they have the big Bomb.
17. #4, Jason. I will do it too.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.04.15)
I will do it because it is right, not Jewish.
18. #3, the real ally is American people, President is temporary
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.04.15)
American people stand by Israel.
19. Israel and USA
The Bald Scotsman ,   Tampa,USA   (02.04.15)
I don't really care which side wins the elections. I hope we either have a Republican govt in the USA and a Likud govt in Israel; or a Democrat govt in the USA and a Labor govt in Israel. One way or another both govt's will be in agreement and Israel needs all the support it can get from the USA.
20. # 17 Thanks!
Jason,Ph.D. ,   Charlotte, USA   (02.04.15)
Thanks Steve. This truly is a global issue
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