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Lawyer petitions CEC to end Israel Hayom's pro-Netanyahu 'propaganda'
Telem Yahav
Published: 09.02.15, 12:05
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1. It's called freedom so speech/the press dude
Gimmie a break ,   J-lem   (02.09.15)
So let's say I have a lot of free time on my hands and decode to make a million little cards that say "vote likud" and spend all day handing them out for free then I would be acting against the law? I'd love to know what field of law this so called "lawyer" practices.
2. While we have 3 Channels masquerading as TV-stations?!
3. HAYOM Newspaper
reuven blank ,   us   (02.09.15)
no non resident or non citizen should interfere in Israeli politics
4. Shutting down newspapers is blatant fascism
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.09.15)
Shutting down newspapers is a blatant fascist tactic. Likud's opponents don't like the fact that Hayom tells it like it is. What about all the fake news media in the tank for leftists?
5. Reply to #1
Adler J   (02.09.15)
Wise comment mr!
6. israel hayom newspapers
Adler J   (02.09.15)
Are helping youngs and old people in Israel with jobs. Its not an easy job for them to stand outside with the weather handing newspapers for free to people that cant buy everyday a journal. Here in Israel is very expensive to buy newspapers to be informed specially for the olders ones that dont use computers and hightech
7. This is a desturbing attack on freedom of the press.
Matt C ,   Canada   (02.09.15)
The same logic being used to try to ban Israel Hayom could be used to ban any newspaper or website, including this one. What makes this all the more disturbing is that this attack on freedom of the press is being justified on political grounds, that a paper considered to favour the right should be illegal while papers which favour the left should be allowed to continue to publish. There is part of an effort to make journalists afraid to publish unless they agree with the left, and unfortunately this is not the only example of that. The left simply does not trust the Israeli public anymore since failing in the peace process, and thinks it needs to force things on them, and that is both a shame and a concern.
8. In the same vein close Haaretz, Yediot, Channel 10, Peace No
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.09.15)
9. Ynet hates Israel Hayom
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (02.09.15)
They would like the Left wing newspapers in Israel to have a free hand in promoting their political and business intersts
10. @#3 ISRAEL HAYOM isn't the only paper
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (02.09.15)
in Israel with Foreign Investors.Look at Ha'Aretz partly owned by Dumont of Germany.Look up Dumonts history it's not pretty
11. An absolutely ludicrous and hypocritical article.
Neil B. ,   Maale Adumim   (02.09.15)
Was there ever a kind word written about Netanyahu in this newspaper? Every word in the article could be said about Yidiot Achronot, being used as a left wing propaganda tool. Exactly how stupid do you think the Israeli public is?
12. shutting down newspapers is the act of totalitarians
c   (02.09.15)
-shutting down newspapers restricts freedom of speech and freedom of press, in violation of israel's basic laws. -every newspaper is political in nature and supports candidates of their choice.
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