Netanyahu calls for 'massive immigration' of European Jews to Israel
Moran Azulay, Attila Somfalvi
Published: 15.02.15, 12:47
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1. Yeh like its so safe here - duh
dori   (02.15.15)
2. Why don't you say it; ISLAM is the deadly reason..
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.15.15)
..for jews to leave for Israel. Just a few talk-backers would ever say the islamic ideology is the reason for more than 99% of terror today. Then how can we ever expect any politician to say those words..? Truly, there is no radical islam, islam is islam in any ways, and those people must be stopped, and the ideology must be removed from the earth.
3. Thank G-d Israel's the only true refuge for endangered Jews
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!!   (02.15.15)
This is why we MUST KEEP BUILDING !!! There is no future for future Jews without the building of chosen Israel.
4. Increasing the poverty in Israel
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (02.15.15)
Dear PM, in Israel are now jobs for all this people. They will simply increase poverty and the number of kids going hungry to school. You must close settlements and move settlers to Israel. This will safe billions of wasted funds.
5. Completely agree with Bibi
Adler J   (02.15.15)
"Jews deserve security in every country, but we say to our Jewish brothers and sisters, Israel is your home."
6. To Israel where
Dovy   (02.15.15)
religious Jews are hated and intolerated by self-hating secular Jews more than Europe's ant-Semites?
7. Let's Really Stick it to Europe
Eric R. ,   USA   (02.15.15)
Let's take the Jews fleeing persecution in Europe and settle them in Judea and Samaria, and watch Euro-Nazi-Commie heads explode.
8. I agree
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.15)
Europe is no place for the Jewish people. We liked to pretend everything got better after 1945. But it didn't. If anything, it's gotten worse. Much, much worse. Anti-Semitism has never really gone away. Six million Jews consumed in the Holocaust -- fully one-third of the Jewish people on the face of the earth -- has not satisfied the blood lust of the goyim. Oh, on the face of things we are tolerated -- even encouraged -- but when push comes to shove, the Europeans turn their backs, as they have, with very few exceptions, always done. Now Europe -- and soon, I regret to say -- the North American continent -- will be faced with a vocal, incensed and strongly encouraged Moslem population that wishes to control the world. Hell -- in Europe, they're halfway there. Everyone has bent over backwards so far to accommodate these people trying to create an Islamic environment in the countries that have graciously given them homes, they are in danger of breaking in two. However flawed Europe has been before the Moslem onslaught, you're about to see something engulf that continent that has never occurred before. Your family may have lived in France for 10,000 years but, if you're not willing to don the relatively new arrival of the burqa, there is no room for you in that country. It's not just the Jews. It's everyone. Islam is a plague spreading across Europe, consuming it. At least the Jews (Baruch Ha'Shem) have a place to go. The Europeans -- perhaps not so much. Not my problem. The Jews will find a welcoming safe haven in Eretz Israel. Everyone else? You're on your own. What a pity (NOT!) you cannot come to Israel. You denied -- especially the British -- the Jews a right to leave before the horrors of Nazi Europe took hold. You enacted a White Paper which basically trapped the Jews in Europe -- not able to leave; not allowed to live. Jews died in the millions because the British did not allow us to come to Palestine. Payback is a bitch. I'm sure princess Kate will look simply fetching in a burqa. As will grandma lilibet. No, you can't come here. You have to stay where you are, and be consumed by the Islamofascists. Turnabout is fair play. We've been waiting a long time, and -- frankly? -- a cold plate of revenge tastes really, REALLY good. Jews have long memories. The Europeans cannot come to Israel. Guess what? No one else really wants you, either. Obama would rather grant citizenship to ten million Mexican thuggish children than grant citizenship to a bunch of white Europeans. Canada's not interested. Australia has its own problems with Islam and New Zealand likes being small and isolated. Well, I guess there's always someplace. Have fun finding it. You'll fail. Just the way the Jews did. How about South Africa? Or Argentina? Better yet, India! If they'll have you. I suspect they'll turn their heads. Oh, the Jews of Europe will be safe and sound in Eretz Israel. The rest of the Europeans? Not so much.
9. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.15)
No, actually, Israel will be acquiring successful businessmen, lawyers, physicians and university professors. Educated individuals. This isn't the grand emigrations of the past. We're getting REAL Jews. Not jerks like you. And they will populate the settlements, and make them grow and thrive, and build universities and businesses in Judea and Samaria that will benefit all Israel. As to the "palestinians" in Judea and Samaria? Well, they can go to Europe. Can't they? It's about to turn into your basic Moslem sh*thole. What better place for a terrorist rabble? They never belonged in the Jewish State to begin with. So shut your stupid mouth. This is an ingathering of the exiles. If you oppose that, feel free to go to Europe, with the rest of the great unwashed.
10. Whoever we are and wherever
US citizen ,   US   (02.15.15)
God is the only hope of any human, here and hereafter.
11. Immigration to Israel
Robert ,   Miami   (02.15.15)
Potential European Immigrants. DO you really want to go to an apartheid state that will ethnically cleansing the Palestinians to make room for you. That should really make you feel safe. You can join the crowds of bloodthirsty Israelis in the viral videos of Israelis chanting "No school tomorrow" "No children left" as they celebrated and taunted the murders of 500 Palestinian children in Gaza. Is that what you want to feel safer, I'm just sure you will sleep better with bloodthirsty Bibi as your leader.
12. #4 A better idea:
A ,   Belgium   (02.15.15)
Israel should stop financing the corrupt and illegal "palestinian" authority, encourage repatriation of the Jordanians masquerading as "palestinians" squatting in Judea and Samaria to their homeland across the river as Israel is now doing with the illegal African squatters, and encourage Jewish growth in Judea and Samaria with affordable housing away from the over-crowded and over-priced coastline. THAT'S how Israel will save "billions of wasted funds."
13. It's Mr Blah Blah at it again
Disillusioned   (02.15.15)
We in Israel sincerely hope that Mr Bottle Bibi is offering these people jobs he can't offer to people here (they're trying to emigrate to get those). We hope he is going to be very very busy building reasonably apartments here (or does he think all those diaspora Jews are going to be rich?), which he is failed abysmally to do here for those struggling with high costs and dreadful hovels rented out by unscrupulous landlords. Or wait a minute ... he's going to (as promised for the French Jews) settle them all in Judea and Samaria, surrounded by 1.4 million seriously hating Arabs and bring on Israel even more disdain from the rest of the world. The man's a dreamer, a fake, a talk talk the talk but no walk the walk. What is there to offer European Jews? Our miserable unemployment pay? A terrible pension? Overcrowded schools? Pathetic public transport and no parking for the additional cars? He says we're "ready"? He needs professional help.
14. In Israel, "massive" = $46 million - LOL
Guy ,   PT   (02.15.15)
15.  Many jews would rather go to Antartica
ky   (02.15.15)
than into the welcoming arms of Bibi. Like it or loathe it Jews are citizens of the world and we will live and die where we prefer to live and die. It will not help Israel one bit to take in people that are unhappy to live in a Jewish state or for that matter any state that is governed by religion and religious ideology. The majority of Jews in Europe and USA are secular in as much as they do not have anything to do with organized religion. They prefer to live in a secular state , marry who they what they want and think want they want without being looked down upon by their "betters"
Conroy ,   Toronto   (02.15.15)
It's a great idea but if Israel is going to develop a plan to encourage immigration of Jews from Europe, why just focus on three countries? Why not all of Europe? And why is Hungary not included in those countries mentioned because the rate of anti-Semitism is very high there?
17. P.S. on Lieberman
Disillusioned   (02.15.15)
I don't like the man, I don't like his politics, but I have to say that in comparison with his former buddy Bibi, he is growing up quite admirably from a diplomatic point of view. He has been increasingly providing much more measured responses, is more at ease in interview, and better still, having waited until parliament was dissolved to reveal what he really thought about Mr Netanyahu, he's been revealing a decidedly more astute analysis of what went so wrong that pushed him away from the disastrous path that Bibi is leading us down. It is dearly to be hoped that Lieberman will use his increasingly acquired skills as a politician (setting aside a past that will never quite go away) and team up with more moderate groups in order to clean up the mess left by years of Likud mismanagement.
18. Thanks to Bibi Jews are safe neither in Israel nor abroad
19. Few Jews Will Leave Their Cushy Lives In Europe
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.15.15)
There are just so many luxury apartments in Tel Aviv. There are only so many decent jobs there. Do you really think they will want to move to the Negev or Nablus and be garbage collectors? And think of it like this. Your government has been actively engaged in the de-stablisation of every country in the Middle East. Your government's philosophy has been keep them fighting amongst themselves and they will not be fighting us. It will work for while longer, but as groups like ISIS move to the border of Palestine they will turn their aggressions towards you. While you think that Hamas is a terror organisation ISIS is the real thing. They will bring the fight inside your borders. Do you think those Jews are going to feel any safer in Israel? Do Jews in Israel feel any safer? If so then why are so many trying to move to the USA and Canada?
20. Calling his countrymen home
Herman ,   Edmonton canada   (02.15.15)
Netanyahu is the most clear thinking leader in this world rite now. His love for his countrymen and Israel should be the envy of every world leader. The nobel peace prize isnt good enough for him and his leadership team!
21. Build massively in Judea and Samaria
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (02.15.15)
before you bring in more Jews.
22. threat to the Jews.
russell snow ,   lords valley pa us   (02.15.15)
As an historian of modern Europe with a PhD in modern Germany and Russia, I do believe that the only place to date where the Jews can feel safe is in Israel and the US, and it is questionable how long it will last here. The experience of the Jews in German in the 1930's should convince them that they are not safe in the countries of western Europe, where the cultural elites who rule these countries are living in a dream world and fall to recognize the true nature of the threats. Anyone with a real understanding of the war against the Jews in Nazi Germany knows how quickly things can degenerate to outright persecution and the politics of extermination. Sad, but true, that many of our politicians have little or no knowledge of modern history and its implications for us, and especially the Jews.
23. European Jewish immigration to Israel
Shuali ,   Canada   (02.15.15)
This is an excellent idea even if the implementation is a bit late. It should also be made known that many of these new immigrants will be settled in the West Bank.
24. Dearest Sarah B
Me   (02.16.15)
As always, insulting people !! For your information, heard the news today..... about 40% of the immigrants who came to Israel lately are leaving....... NO job !!
25. Final Exodus of the Jews
Alphayo Nyakundi ,   Kenya   (02.16.15)
Just as was wrttien by the Prophet Isaiah, The Jews are coming back to Jerusalem as the appearance of the Messiah draws near.
26. bibis call for immigration
tomer ,   jerusalem   (02.16.15)
what a foolish call by our PM to ask european jews to immigrate to israel because of islamic terror and growing anti-semitismn. What is waiting for those immigrants here? Judeo-nazis who in best "stuermer" fashion depict fellow jews as "scum", no housing,a collapsing health service, terrible education level, no political vision and leadership,corruption wherever you put your finger,etc.etc. when in 1995 Rabin was killed by jewish right wing extremists as a result of hate-speeches and pictures the recent judeo-nazi clips by jewish extremists will destroy Israel. We do not need islamic extremists ,we are perfectly capable to destroy ourselves.
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