Likud pressuring State Comptroller to soften report on housing prices
Moran Azulay
Published: 20.02.15, 18:37
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1. Every sewer-rat in this country seems mobilized against Bibi
2. Everything and anything can be published
Birina   (02.20.15)
Before, after or during an election. Especially dirt on politicos and their abusive control.
3. Democracy
Alberto ,   Herzliya   (02.20.15)
Democracy means also Transparency. Electors are less stupid than some politicians ...
4. Shapira is out of control
C   (02.20.15)
he is abusing his authority which is too substantial under all circumstances. the contorller's office is not an elected office and therefore shapira does not represent the people. he is a bureaucrat with enormous powers. no bureacrat should have so much power.
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