Herzog cancels AIPAC speech, takes aim at Netanyahu trip to US
Moran Azulay
Published: 24.02.15, 16:01
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1. Herzog you are week and desperate
Jerome   (02.24.15)
2. Yes Buji, stay home and dream on.Why would anyone want to
replace something that's not broken?
3. Fools
Jason, Ph.D.   (02.24.15)
All Israelis should be united on this issue. Stop playing politics with this. This has to do with Israeli survival.
4. Herzog proves that Labor is a cowardly disgrace
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.24.15)
Once again, Herzog proves Labor is a cowardly disgrace. If, heaven forbid, Labor governs Israel; Obama would be running Israel. Israel's worst foes would be running Israel!! This despicable party should not be allowed to play any role in governing Israel whatsoever.
5. #4 - Chaim
Devorah   (02.24.15)
Your comment is the best argument I've seen as to why the "Zionist" Party should have no place in Israeli politics. Obama running Israel? That would pretty much be the case. Not to mention Kerry. Imagine.
6. Herzog Cancels AIPAC Speech
Jeffrey ,   Tel Aviv   (02.24.15)
Herzog and Livni are now acting as puppets for the Obama administration and the neoleftist Democratic Party. Netanyahu has every right to accept an invitation from House Speaker Boehner to speak before Congress. Congress is a co-equal branch of government under the US constitution and no president, Dem or GOP, can dictate what it can or cannot do. Herzog's cancellation is an insult to several thousand ardent supporters of Israel who take the time and spend the money to attend the AIPAC conference. It is shameful conduct.
7. following orders
Why did Buji cancel his trip, the same day that Minister Katz begged him to join Netanyahu in addressing Congress? Because Buji follows his paymasters orders.
8. Bibi stay home
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (02.24.15)
You are not going to change the outcome of the Iranian nuke deal. The entire world knows you are deflecting attention away from domestic issues such as low salaries, mind boggling housing prices, taxes, fuel and the price of most basic goods. You know the American people and congress support you, hell I even support you, however I will not support one dollar spent or one more US soldier fighting and dying in the middle east in a war, just like you wouldn't support a war against Iran using the IDF to invade or attack Iran.
9. LOL, Herzog has no policy on Iran other than..
brenrod   (02.24.15)
... whatever he can parrot of Obama
10. Herzog, pompous arrogant weakling
C   (02.24.15)
he must have gotten a call from the obama people since otherwise he has no reason not to go-unless he fears being upstaged by netanyahu.
11. To 5
Adler J   (02.24.15)
You always so assertive and kind Shalom
12. #8 Israel is not interested to attack Iran..
Adler J   (02.24.15)
and Herzog comments is just diplomacy
13. #8 that is not the point
You are right: the odds that Netanyahu will convince Congress to stop Obama giving Iran nukes is almost zero. Netanyahu wants to make sure that history gives Obama credit for what will happen once Iran does get the nukes.
14. #11
Devorah   (02.25.15)
Thank you, Adler J. Shalom.
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