Months later, Israel admits to failure of Arrow 2 trial
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 24.02.15, 20:02
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1. Loss of millions again
ramallah   (02.24.15)
USA tax payers paying for failed test.
2. its not wasted. Improving a system cost time & money
Daniel ,   Amsterdam   (02.24.15)
3. Duh - Basic physics says it will FAIL most of the time
Spyguy ,   Seattle USA   (02.25.15)
For a nation that is supposedly so scientific, it seems so strange that no one seems to understand anti-missile technology will fail most of the time. There are two objects closing on each other at thousands of kilometers per hour with both in slightly unstable flight characteristics where even a millimeter change in the flight path will ensure the two objects miss by large amounts. Sure, anti-missile technology "succeeds" sometimes, BUT . . . MOST of the time it fails. Then there is the economic difference. the cost of the incoming missile can be as small as several thousand dollars, meaning the opponent can make hundreds for the cost of a single anti-missile that has to be vastly more complex. Israel will bankrupt itself trying to make an anti-missile system that is "good enough" because there will never be an anti-missile system that is "good enough."
4. Uhhh, "spyguy"
sulli ,   Detroit USA   (02.25.15)
yeah? What "physics" is that? Care to elaborate on the "physics" you claim that says the whole concept will fail? I would say that the Iron Dome and the Patriot system have shown spectacularly that the "Physics" DOES work, and quite well too. You just have to scale it up, and that can be easily done... And as for cost, all you have to do is stop ONE missle loaded with a NBC warhead to recoup the cost, easily, and prevent WWIII from breaking out!
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