Terror attack in Jerusalem: Five officers, Israeli hurt
Roy Yanovski
Published: 06.03.15, 10:07
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1. Obama wants Israel to make peace with these terrorists
CJK   (03.06.15)
no, you do not make peace with your enemies. you make peace with your enemies who were totally defeated and who admitted as much in signed documents. obama will say that is not possible. yet both nazi germany and imperial japan were forced to sign a document admitting total defeat.
2. Just continue these stupid concession talks
NO TO LIVNI ,   and HERZOG   (03.06.15)
3. So whats Little Ms Finger Pointy Zoabi said about that
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.06.15)
4. Abbas is Responsible
Alon ,   Jerusalem   (03.06.15)
Abbas cannot stop inciting terrorists and this terrorist incident is yet again the product of Abbas and the PA incitement. Bibi hold this corrupt old terrorist and Israel needs to rid Judea & Samaria of this old terrorist Abbas who pretends to the world he is a peace maker. I wish the victims a speedy recovery and for the terrorist nothing less than hell. Long live Israel
5. attack
Dan Frank ,   Montreal   (03.06.15)
As usual not a word from Ban Ki Moon who is partly responsible for this. When Israel engages in a counter terror activity he is quick to call Israel to show " maximum restraint" .once again Jewish blood is cheap!
6. G-d look after us!
Sandy ,   UK   (03.06.15)
Hashem yeracheim!!
7. Lucky no one was seriously hurt.
robbert   (03.06.15)
8. @ 1
Sheik Rattle & Roll ,   usa   (03.06.15)
There you go blaming Obama. These attacks have been going on before Obama came to power. There have been peace talks before with Bush, Clinton, Carter etc. Why don't you blame comrade Pooty Poot from Russia while you are at it. On another note Bibi should fly to Europe and tell the French how safe it is to be in Israel. You blame Obama for everything. You blame him for the 100% taxes on cars, the low salaries, the price of petro and the cost of housing in Israel, however you never give him credit for the hundreds of steps to protect Israel diplomatically or the extra billions to fund the Iron Dome.
9. And lucky, nobody got killed.
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.06.15)
The Druze "M" must be honored.
10. Under Netanyahu expect more of the same
11. Terror attacks
ky   (03.07.15)
or just another way out for a depressed and fed up Arab ? You get depressed and fed up people in all societies but here the Arab has the opportunity to die a hero and martyr to his own instead of a miserable suicide who can't face life. In these cases better to call them miserable suicides rather then terrorists
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