Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Islamists have defeated coexistence
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 09.03.15, 23:50
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1. Arab list
Israelseen ,   Tel aviv israel   (03.10.15)
It is truly a sad day that the Arab parties decided to join together and show their contempt for the one country that allows them equal partnership in the political process in spite of their hatred of Jews. the Arab population must wake up and realize that the Arab list does not serve their best interests and only supports continual distrust and hatred.
2. Mr
Daniel Cabral ,   Nazareth Illit   (03.10.15)
It was matter of time to show their hatred for the jews. They are using democratic tools for express it. What a shame and waste!
3. Fear not Yemini, lobotomized Leftist of your political side
of the fence will not "get it" in another 1000 years. Garbuses, Gal-ons of this world never die, they just metastasize....
4. Useful Idiots are a vital tool for any fascist ideology,
Comrade Lenin knew that, Mao knew that, Arafat knew that. Only our Szymon Perskis have no clue (or so they pretend)... That's why robotic zeroes like Livni &Buji &Gal-on and other assorted demagogues have a viable chance of being elected into Israeli Parliament. "People of the Book": my derriere! Well, maybe "a Book", but obviously not too well read in history books.
5. condescension
Yemini's attitude is condescending and borderline racist. Meretz has two main aims: gay rights and eliminating Judaism from public life. Most Arab voters are against gay rights, and don't care whether or not you can ride a bus in Tel Aviv on Shabbat. Labor is far worse. In Arabic they call themselves "Party for Equality", but in Hebrew "Zionist Union". The Arab leaders have told Herzog clearly: stop lying. Admit you are a Zionist party and we won't join you, or admit you are for equality and we will join you. Instead Labor chooses to attack the Arabs demand for honesty.
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