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Haredi 'get refuser' running for Knesset
Omri Efraim
Published: 13.03.15, 23:17
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1. Her request for a place to live (apartment) was reasonable
Rivkah   (03.14.15)
for herself and her children, including a disabled child. If any provide not for his own, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever, Yahshua ha Mashiach warned. This woman kept her ex husband from being condemned to hell by HaShem whose Son Yahshua speaks for Him.
2. A brave woman
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.14.15)
I only wish that the importance of ridding ourselves of Netanyahu didn't out weigh in importance all other issues. Despite being hiloni I would otherwise vote for B'Zechutan in honor of Gila Yashar alone. She is a brave woman who stood up for her rights in the face of the Rabbinical court and won! This is as it should be.
3. Get refusers believe in one man-one woman-one marriage for
Rivkah   (03.14.15)
life. That is noble and like the dove, a symbol of the Ruach haKodosh since the dove mates with one other bird and then never mates with another bird if that bird spouse dies. That said, there are Scriptural grounds for divorce although the higher path is no divorce which was the law before Moses who for the hardness of peoples' hearts allowed divorce. Separation is allowed without Scriptural grounds for divorce, but divorce is very grave. The Roman Empire was destroyed from within before it was destroyed from without and one of the factors of that inner destruction was no-fault divorce. This is one of the hallmarks of an end to a civilization or era and the USA is at that marker as well as other markers for the decline and end of an era. Israel should not discourage get-refusers since they are a factor that keeps society glued together.
4. What a bunch of crap Rivkah!
HaDaR ,   Israel   (03.15.15)
You obviously have no idea about what the whole Massekheth Qetuboth says... At Sinai Go-d taught Moses and the Elders in the Tent of Assembly IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE PEOPLE laws that you ignore, among which that IT IS A MAJOR SIN TO STAY MARRIED TO SOMEONE YOU HATE: it is PROSTITUTION.
5. It does not say that, anywhere.
me   (03.15.15)
germon ,   paris-france   (03.19.15)
Dear Gila,, we support you completely in your fight; no woman can be denied to live like any human male being; Aredi are stubborn and violent and Israƫl should ban such movement. They are not superior to anyone. If you need help or sign a petition to Knesset please send us by email. Your are brave; we admire you in your fight. Shalom
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