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Watch: Israel's entry to Eurovision 2015
Ran Boker
Published: 13.03.15, 01:34
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1. Nadav Guedj
Devorah   (03.13.15)
Nadav, no doubt you are talented. However, "Golden Boy" is what I would call a "typical" song and a "typical" video. I would like to suggest that you find your own unique style. Walk on the edge of yourself and discover what make you different. Own it and perform your music in that way. You will know it when you find it. Best to you.
2. golden boy
e ,   canada   (03.13.15)
words are not clear music 2 loud and above his voice
3. a broken heart for euro?
sharon   (03.15.15)
Cute song but what does a broken heart have to do with tek aviv call me silly but i dont get it!!!
4. Not worse than other Eurovision songs
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.17.15)
Young people like that kind of music. So yes he has a chance.
5. Love the rhythm
Barbara ,   UK   (05.21.15)
I love this song, it's fun and original, a summer hit. Probably for European voters the sound is too "Middle Eastern". Who cares The rhythm is great.
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