Opinion  Aviad Kleinberg
West sees Palestinians as Israel's problem
Aviad Kleinberg
Published: 25.03.15, 23:46
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1. Is this a spoof? This writer ignores reality.
bob k ,   orlando fl usa   (03.26.15)
A few essential facts. 1. Under British occupation both Arab and Jewish Palestinians (i.e. residents of a British resurrected Roman Palestine) were offered statehood by the UN in 1947. The Jews said yes. The Arabs said no. 2. Israel declared its independence in 1948 and was immediately invaded by six Arab states plus the 'Palestinian' Arabs. Hundreds of thousands of Arab fled behind Arab lines awaiting the defeat and destruction of the Jews by the Arabs. It did not happen! These Arabs became refugees and many have remained so despite Jordan offering most of them citizenship. 3. In 1967 the Arabs tried again and lost again, Arabs fled with the Jordanian army back to Jordan. In 1973 Egypt and Syrian again attacked and lost again. 4 Despite this, Israel in 1967 under PM Levi Eshkol offered these Arab states full return of land captured (with adjustments to allow Jews to return to Jerusalem's old city from where they had been driven out In 1947 - in return Israel asked for peace. The Arabs refused. 5. In 1993 the PLO agreed to renounce all clauses in their charter calling for Israel's destruction. The Oslo Accords were born. The PA in September 2000 refused peace with Israel and with hamas and Islamic jihad launched a suicide bombing and drive-by shooting war that killed over 1150 Israelis. Israel built a security barrier and the suicide bombings have ceased. The PA call this a 'land grab' 6. In 2005 Israel withdrew all forces and settlers from the Gaza strip and handed it to the PA. In 2007 hamas drove out the PA security forces after killing scores of them. 7. From 2006-8 Israel offered the PA the 'west bank' with east Jerusalem, except for some major settlement blocs. The PA refused to take the offer. 8 Western governments knows this history. and that the Palestinians refuse to accept the Jewish state of Israel living in peace alongside an Arab state called Palestine. They know but demand territorial concessions from Israel and no concessions from the PA. Conclusion: The Palestinians do not want peace and have rejected and destroyed the Oslo 'peace process. Most Israelis know this and voted for Netanyahu who will not transfer more territory until Gaza id demilitarized and the PA accepts Israel which makes sense. Peace cannot co-exist with rockets barrages on every major Israeli city. The problem is not the settlements, there were none before 1967 and the PLO and all Arab states demanded the destruction of Israel. There is no polarity between a democratic Jewish state or one state. The hamas Palestinians have Gaza. The PA rule most of the 'west bank' and enforce PA laws, collect taxes and have embassies around the world. They don't have a final border (nor does Israel) and full statehood because they refuse every offer of peace from Israel and no government in the world demands they make peace with Israel. It is easy blame Israel for the lack of peace but as last summer's rocket war showed, the Palestinians make war against Israel whenever they want to, hamas fires the thousands of rockets and the PA support them and then run to the UN claiming 'genocide' of the Palestinians. Only Israel- haters would accept this charge or the false accusations of ' war crimes'. The Palestinians continually commit war crimes against Israelis - fire-bombings of civilian cars, rocks thrown at cars killing and injuring civilians. The light-rail which serves all Jerusalem residents is attacked and Israelis killed., Few governments protest this and demand the Palestinians make peace. Western governments, including Obama's, know this and that is why they will not call for sanctions.
2. Emigration of "Palestinians" is the solution!
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.26.15)
There never was a state of Palestine. It makes no more sense to speak of "Palestinians" than to speak of "Ozites" or "Neverlanders". Israel has a significant population of hostile Arabs living in Judea and Samaria. The solution is to provide necessary incentives for them to emigrate. Most want to leave, as they've been telling pollsters for decades.
3. Not West's Problem
Steve Grumman ,   Tucson, AZ, USA   (03.26.15)
The West did not create the problems faced by the Palestinians. Europeans immigrating to Palestine did. Those immigrants needed living space and they got it from the Palestinians. Now those same immigrants, causing themselves Israelis, have to deal with the problems created by themselves and their ancestors. Sorry, neither Europe nor America should bail out Israel on this one.
4. These are the same countries who opposed
Leftist Galut Jews ,   fear the EU again   (03.26.15)
Jewish existence just a mere 70 rears ago. Now have the nerve to oppose Israel's Jewish state. Who cares what these anti Semites say?
5. Palestinians
Sheldon ,   Northridge, Ca USA   (03.26.15)
There is a simple solution to the Palestinian issue; I'm sure Israel would go for it. The West Bank Palestinian cities and villages would become a territory or province of Jordan. Afterall, most folks in Jordan are Palestinians including its Queen. The Palestinians can self govern themselves just as the U.S. Territory Peurto Rico does. Jordan occupied the West Bank for 19 years until 1967. As for Gaza, it can revert to Egypt, as a territory, as it was until 1967. This change would bring peace to this region.
dave ,   west bank   (03.26.15)
Yes, it is Israel's problem and it has been designed that way for economic reasons even before Israeli statehood. So you see, this problem has been at least scores of years in the making and one could easily include that it has been millennia in the making. So relax, make the best adjustments you can and try and reduce murderous outcomes. Do not expect any help from the rest of the world, the bottom line is they have big problems too.
7. a dilemma that defies rational remedy
Cameron ,   USA   (03.26.15)
Utterly intractable. Cursed by Fate & History to fester and meander along until the truly horrific war breaks to leave Arab and Israeli populations shook to the very core of their being.
8. Jews have Left Plenty of Room for the Arabs
Zechariah   (03.26.15)
The Arabs except in Gaza have Plenty of Room .From Morocco to Iraq and the Gulf States are Vast territories .Even in the West Bank 3000SQkm can house and feed Fifteen million people with trade with just the Islamic World .
9. When Aviad & his Quisling-camp win the elections they can
remedy this appalling situation and return the ancient Palestinians to their ancestral lands & Capital, until then......
10. Then they should FO and mind their
DT ,   TA Israel   (03.26.15)
failing millions.
11. Israel's "insolence?"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.15)
How dare you! Did not Israel emerge victorious in each and every one of the six major wars started by the Arabs? Did not Israel emerge victorious in the countless smaller wars in which Arab terrorists have been the aggressor, each and every time? Excuse me! Since when is it "insolent" to abide by the rules governing the conduct of war, whereby the vanquished pay a price; a heavy price? Did not Germany lose thirty percent of its land mass as a result of just ONE war? How about Japan? The United States still controls Okinawa, doesn't it? And the last I checked, the entire Italian province of Istria remains firmly under the control of Croatia. Shall we talk about the nine million Germans that were expelled from the regions which were taken over by the victors in World War II? Shall we talk about the three million Italians that were expelled from Istria? No? How about the two million Japanese that the United States expelled from Okinawa in order to build Fort Buckner? What, no stomach to talk about precedent, reality, and the conventions which govern wars of aggression which the aggressor loses? The ersatz "ppalestinians" are a vanquished people. We should have thrown them out in 1967. But it is never too late to right a wrong. Judea and Samaria MUST be annexed, and its Arab population sent packing. That's in keeping with international precedent and very much aligned with international convention and statute. And I haven't even touched upon seven decades of "palestinian" violence and terror, visited upon Jews both in the State of Israel and in the Diaspora. Sorry, but the "palestinians" are fresh out of bites at the apple. The sovereign State of Israel does not have to do anything but comply with international precedent and convention. If Obama loves them so much, he can have them. So, for that matter, can the Europeans. Enough of this nonsense. You cannot have one set of rules that apply exclusively to the State of Israel and another set of rules that applies to everyone else. Doesn't work that way. Israel is a sovereign state, with every right to exercise the normative rules of military engagement. Kick their sorry asses to the curb. Let the international community yowl as it may. We're just following long-established precedent.
12. @2 Emigration is not a bad idea
Raphael ,   Netanya   (03.26.15)
According to a 2014 poll, 38.8% of the Palestinians (even more in Gaza) would like to value their high education (gained free of charges thanks to UNRWA) abroad, but are wary not to lose their refugee status. It would be the Jewish Agency's task to organize this welcomed Yerida.
13. this entire article would fit nicely in Al jazeera's site
14. Giving Back To Jordan
Claude ,   UK and Cape Town   (03.26.15)
Give the West Bank back to Jordan. Keeping the largest of the settlements straddling the 67 line. Of course once under Jordanian Sovereignty, they may then decide after giving the West Bank residents a vote to give full independence to this newly acquired West Bank. Do the same with Gaza and Egypt. If Jordan and Israel are internationally recognised and recognise each other as independent sovereign states, then they are free to allow parts of their sovereign state to break away and go its own way The Scots narrowly avoided doing this last year. What a pity as the remaining part of the Kingdom would have rid itself of the pesky Scot and the Labour Party would almost certainly never form a Government in Westminster again. There are advantages of ditching and letting go.
15. EU has a problem
Brod ,   USA   (03.26.15)
They have been sucking the Taqiyya/lies of PA/Hamas claiming that the Land of Israel belongs to them. They are still imbibing the cesspool of Pagan Rome/Papism that ravaged Israel from the Land of Israel. They are obsessed with the Inquisitions.
16. Israel's "insolence?"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.15)
Sorry, but we bow only before Ha'Shem. Has no one told you that? How about kicking out all the "palestinians" and sending them to Europe and to the United States? If they love the "palestinians" that much, they can have them.
17. To: No. 3
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.15)
Oh, please. Jews returned to our ancient homeland and some of the illegal invaders fled and others decided to go to war. Six times. They lost. Boo hoo hoo; cry me a river. Israel doesn't need "bailing out." We are fully capable of throwing out the illegal occupiers. What's your excuse for stealing the land and homes of native Americans? The Jewish people -- in case you haven't heard -- are indigenous to Palestine. Are a bunch of western European colonizers indigenous to the United States? I don't think so. When is the United States planning to restore the stolen land to the rightful native American tribes? Hmmm?
18. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.15)
Hey, Cameron, what's the rational remedy for restoring American land to its rightful owners? Of course, you'll never be able to restore the tens of millions of native Americans that were slaughtered, but reparations will help. Is that in the offing any time soon? The Jewish people are indigenous to Palestine. We were there long before the term "Arab" was coined. We're home now. Good luck uprooting us. Not going to happen, unless you wish to see the world destroyed. You understand this, I trust. We WILL pull down the temple walls. We will destroy as much of the planet as we can, and render the rest of it uninhabitable for the next one hundred thousand years. Ask yourself if a bunch of backward, primitive "palestinian" terrorists are worth the price.
19. To: Facebook Moukhles Salah
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.15)
The only thing Israel has to offer you in Judea and Samaria is a chance to pack. The "palestinians" have no right, title or claim to Jewish soil. You are indigenous to the Hejaz in the Western Arabian desert -- which is a good distance away from the Jewish State. You can make your way in any of the 23 Arab states, or Gaza. Those are your choices. We will not tolerate your pollution of Jewish soil much longer. Should have taken the deal in 1947. But you didn't and the rest, as they say, is history. Can't put toothpaste back into the tube, sluggo.
20. To: Claude at No. 14
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.15)
Oh, Israel has every intention of ditching the "palestinians." Judea and Samaria stay with Israel, of course. We'll cheerfully let go of the "palestinians;" a more violent and utterly worthless people do not exist. The land stays. That belongs to the Jews. It's the "palestinians" that are going.
21. I't not as hard as you think ,...
split ,   US   (03.26.15)
"It's not easy explaining this preferential treatment of Israel" It's easier than you suggest, in US it's the influence of AIPAC, big money and corrupted Capitol Hill, in Europe on the other hand they simply don't want you back ,...
22. club
Doc ,   cape town   (03.27.15)
israel is not in the club already and the EU couldn't care a hoot about the Jews. The brainwashing by the left has made the hate levels increase to 1933 levels. Only the Germans are sympathetic for empathetic reasons. The usa has been the barrier against action at the UN Security Council. Obama changes everything. Unfortunately his goal is obliteration of israel and traditional western capitalist values. It would be a miracle if the 2 years can pass without further damage before Obama goes. I think the club doors have closed. The un will vote against israel. But they leave israel no choice. It's keep strong or suicide anyway. Time reveals solutions to even this truly unsolvable issue. In time the infighting amongst the Arabs might solve everything. But there are tough times coming either way. Ps the club doors have always been closed to the Jews in case no one has ever read the history books.
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