Abbas: Yemen policy should extend to Palestine
Roi Kais
Published: 28.03.15, 22:53
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1. Arabs got a very bloody nose each time they tried this trick
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.29.15)
The entire 22 illegal entities of the criminal Arab League have no appetite to do it again.
2. To: Facebook Karim Salim
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.15)
Why do you find it so unimaginable? You have fallen victim to the fallacy that the "palestinians" work so hard to present to the world -- that they are a united group, all rowing the boat in unison. Nothing could be further from the truth, and you know it. The "palestinians" have long spent as much time killing one another as they devoted to their life's work and passion of killing the Jewish people. I have frequently wondered if there is some sort of horribly genetic defect that drives Arabs to terror and violence. Take a good, long look at the Arab world. Violence and terror; violence and terror; over and over ad nauseum. That seems to be what Arabs live for. Nothing of any worth or even bearing some semblance of humanity has emerged out of the Arab world in ten centuries. Instead of blaming everyone and everything for your situation, have you ever thought about turning your gaze inward? That's why the Arabs hate the State of Israel so much. We embody everything that you do not. We have grown in leaps and bounds, whereas the Arabs have marched steadily backwards. The problem is not the Jews. The problem is you. There is much the Arabs could learn from us, yet you steadfastly reject every opportunity to do so. They you turn around and blame the Jews. It's got to be genetic. Possibly too much Arab in-breeding. Could also explain the extraordinarily high incidence of genetic defects among Arabs. The Arab predilection for violence and terror is just another genetic defect. That's a gift. I'm telling you what all Arabs want to hear -- nothing is their fault. Ever.
3. Face it NO Arab nation supports the pals.
Their all too busy finding their exit strategy from ISIS attacks as they are lousy fighters. The pals are nothing in comparison in fact, they have it far better than most other non Israeli Arabs. Time ISrael ANNEXES AND REPATRIATES ALL THE pals FROM ALL OF JEWISH ISRAEL !!!
4. The region will not enjoy peace...
US citizen ,   US   (03.29.15)
until Jacob's God reigns
5. I hate to admit Sarah
Moukhles Salah ,   Sydney Amman Nablus   (03.29.15)
But this time you are spot on right. But that is why Israel future is going to become harder and harder unless they get legitimacy and acceptance at least from their Palestinian neighbours. The situation in the Arab world will only worsen over the the next 10 to 20 years. The level of cruelty and violence will only go up. The place will become a hell on earth and the Jews will find it very hard to live normal lives in that atmosphere. Read the history of the crusaders. That was exactly what happened to them. Eventually the level of cruelty and violence was to high for any more Europeans to want to migrate and all those who could afford it had to return back to Europe and the rest convert to Islam. Which is why so many Palestinians are white skin with blue eyes. Do you get it? Make peace quickly with the Palestinians before you face the wrath of a crazy Arab world on your own.
6. Abbas giving advice
dennis ,   chicago, USA   (03.29.15)
Abas has joined with the killers Hamas and became a non-believer in peace. He has no business giving advise, especially on peace in the middle east.
7. above
moishe   (03.30.15)
wishful thinking. other Moslem States have bigger problems. ignored in the past and now.
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