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11-year-old fighting for his life – but you can help
Dr. Itay Gal
Published: 30.03.15, 01:04
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1. comment
Anayo ,   Nigeria   (03.30.15)
Take him to the synagogue church of all nation. prophet TB Joshua will pray for him and he will be healed immidiatly.
2. 11 year old Noam
Yoel ,   Israel   (03.30.15)
I appeal to all those who can help this child he deserves to live like a normal boy I wish my appeal on his behalf wil be heard.
3. How on Earth....
Yossi ,   Canada   (03.30.15) treatment not covered by Israel's public health system.?? what kind of Mickey Mouse system do they have there where a LIFE SAVING treatment is not covered by Btuach Leumi?!!! yet Israelis like to brag at how awesome their health system is... this is a disgrace...SMH
4. Benita
Howard Chudler ,   Brea Ca   (03.31.15)
Anybody who has watched a young child suffer knows well what this is about. Sending by contribution tomorrow morning and I hope others will soon follow.
5. Donations
Haifen ,   Haifa IL   (04.01.15)
Yossi, i guess it's the same Mickey Mouse system as in Canada where people also have to fund their medication. That's what people get when they vote Conservative/Likud.
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