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Yad Vashem seeks women named in Holocaust survivor's Haggadah
Omri Efraim
Published: 05.04.15, 13:03
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1. My G-d one of my relatives may be one of those named.
Big Bad Jew!!!!   (04.05.15)
Blumenfeld was our family name. My prayers continue that these brave women be found. NEVER AGAIN! That's why we KEEP BUILDING !!!
2. I believe my grandmother is on that list!!!!!!
Anne ,   Wasaga Beach   (03.29.18)
3. Leonardschwarz
Eliakim Y. Schwarz   (02.23.20)
Gusta Feiler G ? ( something like Ganot) lives ( hopefully still) in Holon.she attein Holon. She attended my father's hakamat matzeiva in 1991.
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